Aiming to score above 90% in the class 9 Hindi exam? This is how you can achieve it

Hindi is a subject that can easily help you in gaining marks for improving your overall performance. It is a savior when it comes to increasing percentages. The class 9 Hindi syllabus helps the students in understanding the fundamentals for building a foundation for the class 10 Hindi syllabus. This subject can be easily prepared by understanding and practicing the chapters. You can also access to 9th class hindi guide pdf while preparing for your exam.

For aiming to score above 90% in the class 9 Hindi exam, you should choose your study material wisely. It is important to refer to NCERT books of class 9 Hindi for your preparations. The NCERT books are important as they are prescribed by the CBSE board and cover all the appropriate chapters or topics that are required to achieve good marks in your exam. NCERT questions can also help you clear your fundamentals.

There are 4 books for class 9 Hindi including Hindi kritika, Hindi kshitij, Hindi sanchayan, and Hindi Sparsh. Now let us take a look at each book individually. 

  1. Hindi kritika: This NCERT book consists of tales and some stories reflecting the moral values, and Indian lifestyles. You can also find the solutions of this NCERT book easily on several platforms. 
  2. Hindi kshitij: Hindi kshitij is a book that focuses on grammar. This book is very beneficial in improving the Hindi grammar of students and building their foundation for higher studies. 
  3. Hindi sanchayan: This NCERT book helps students to improve their skills in Hindi. This focuses on improving the writing skills of students. Hindi sanchayan is also an important book for the preparation of your class 9 Hindi exam. It is efficient in improving your punctuation errors or spelling errors
  4. Hindi Sparsh: This NCERT book contains some poems and prose that are directly beneficial for the exams. The chapters of this book also help students to improve their skills in Hindi effectively. 

Studying and preparing for your class 9 Hindi exam from the above-mentioned NCERT books will help you score more than 90% in your exam easily and effectively. 

Other ways and tips for achieving high marks in the class 9 Hindi exam along with preparing from NCERT books are:

  • Listen to the audiobooks in Hindi:  Listening is an effective activity that will help you master the language easily. Hearing the audiobooks in Hindi will strengthen your Hindi skills and will also help you to kill your boredom. You can access several audiobooks in Hindi on various platforms. It can be easily accessible on your phones or other devices and you will not need to carry a physical book around with you to read. 
  • Read books in Hindi: If audiobooks do not seem interesting to you then you can try to indulge yourself in reading. Reading is a very important habit and can help you in enriching your Hindi skills more effectively. While reading, you can also give attention to the punctuations, the choice of words, and the grammar that is used in the sentences. You can also underline the sentences you have doubts about. Reading Hindi books can be the best method for enriching your Hindi skills if you dedicate your time to reading.
  • Read Hindi newspapers: Reading Hindi newspapers can serve a great purpose in improving your Hindi skills. A habit of reading newspapers will not only help you by improving your Hindi but it will also help you in being aware of the happenings around the world. This habit holds a lot of importance and you can try to indulge yourself in reading Hindi newspapers to effectively improving your skills.
  • Solve the Hindi quizzes: You can take the Hindi quizzes for the topics of your syllabus. You may find some quizzes in your books or other platforms. You may also try to solve the questions given in your NCERT book and find their solutions from the chapters. Finding the answers on your own will eventually lead you to a better understanding of the chapters.
  • Participate in Hindi-speaking competitions: There are several sorts of competition that takes place such as Hindi debate competition, Hindi story-telling competition, or Hindi poetry competition. You may participate in the competitions like these for improving your communication skills in Hindi that will eventually improve your Hindi grammar. Participating in various competitions will also help you to boost your self-confidence while speaking or writing in Hindi.
  • Practice the NCERT questions: The NCERT questions and exercises hold a lot of importance in CBSE exams. There are several exercises and questions given in NCERT books at the end of every chapter. Solving those exercises and preparing the questions multiple times will easily guarantee more than 90% marks in your class 9 Hindi exam. 
  • Write what you have learned: You may practice the chapters by writing the answers to the questions multiple times, and then you can look for your spelling mistakes and improve them.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers: Another way to guarantee your high marks is by solving the previous year’s question papers. Previous year’s papers will help you to understand the pattern of the exam and you may analyze your own performance and improve it easily through previous year’s question papers. Other than previous year papers, there are several sample papers also available based upon different chapters, you may practice the chapter-wise sample papers for improving the chapters you consider tough. 

These easy yet helpful tips will ensure your more than 90% score in your class 9 Hindi exam. Prepare well through NCERT books along with using the above-mentioned tips and you will not face any difficulty in achieving your desired goals. With dedication and hard work, you will flourish in your exam. All the best!

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