Easy way to plant and grow purple peonies

Are you planning to plant and grow beautiful purple peonies? But don’t know the method of how to plant and grow purple peonies? You are in the right place now as we are going to discuss l  plant and grow purple peonies.

No matter how experienced Gardener you are,you will face issues when gardening something new.To know all the tips and tricks to plant and grow purple peonies, just follow my article which is a complete guide for planting and growing purple peonies. 

Plant and grow purple peonies:

Let’s talk about outrageous beautiful purple peonies . Peonies are perennials. Some perennials last at least for 100 years. You will get more information about purple peonies for sale from here. 

Purple peonies are rare. It’s worth to have purple peonies in your garden.Some of the purple peonies varieties are:

  • The morning lilac Itoh Peony
  • Shimadaijin Tree Peony
  • Peter Brand Peony
  • Cora Louise Itoh Peony
  • First Arrival Itoh Peony.

When to plant peonies:

Fall is the best time to plant Peony although it’s quite possible to plant in spring.Expert suggestion is to plant in Fall.

Where to plant purple Peonies:

Choose a sunny bright place where sun can excess easily.Peonies do like full sun though they can manage half day sun.

They bloom generally better in a sunny should choose your location very wisely as peonies don’t transplant well.chose a deep fertile humus-rich moist soil that drains well.

How to plant purple peonies:

After choosing the site for planting,you need to plant bare-root tubers with 3 to 5 buds.Dig a well sized hole,about 2 inches deep.Mix compost with the soil.if you think that your soil need more organic material you should have mixed it.Then set the root 2 meter deep into the soil the buds of the tubers face upright.Then backfill the hole taking care that the soil doesn’t burry the root deeper than 2 inches.Water thoroughly in the time of planting.You should remember that you need to keep minimum 3 to 4 feet distance between two Peonies.

Care for Peonies:

Purple peonies need some extra care as perennials.To bloom and grow purple peonies ,It takes a few to take care of your Purple peonies is given below.

  • Make sure to water it everyday.
  • Fertilize your Purple peonies every years
  • Deadhead peonies blossom as they begin to fade.
  • Peonies are very hardy however they can be affected by various viruses like Ringspot virus,verticillium wilt,tips blight,stem rot etc.Do care for the diseases.
  • Immediately after planting make sure that strong winds can not harm the plant,provide shelter for tht strong winds.


We have discussed almost all the details about how to plant and grow purple peonies.We hope that our hard work and analysis would help you to plant and grow your extraordinary beautiful purple peonies.So prepare for yourself with the required tools and start to work to plant and grow purple peonies.

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