How Much Does Egg Donors Get Paid in 2021?

The surrogacy market is a topic that involves many controversies. Some believe that it is a pure business that people use to earn money, while others think that it is a real help for couples who cannot physically have a baby. If the second version has the right to exist, let’s learn the financial aspect of such practices.

The Profile of Ukraine Egg Donor Database

First off, the egg donor database is a complex thing. You cannot just say that egg donors are picked from the streets. For instance, taking into consideration the Ukraine egg donor database of the World Center of Baby, the potential candidates are thoroughly checked. A volunteer should fill out the form online, then be scheduled for a consultation where all details are discussed, and then, undergo necessary physical and medical screening and examinations.

As a result, such trustworthy parties like the World Center of Baby cater to providing the best Ukraine egg donors. After a potential egg mother is ready to make one couple happy, she is placed on hormonal stimulation, and then on egg retrieval. She is healthy, checked on genetic background, and just physically suitable for surrogacy. While fraudsters or unreliable parties may simply charge you for non-existing services. So, what about the price of such egg donorship?

Everything greatly varies among one or another agency providing such services, strange it may sound. For instance, the average cost involved may be from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on several factors. Yet, such prices are found in the US. Most commonly, surrogate mothers may dictate their preferences regarding the cost because they are subject to different gestational living, medical clinic care, and legal expertise. Yet, with the best agencies, there is an established price.

If taking into consideration the Ukrainian prices, they may seem largely lower. One egg donor may get paid only $350. So, it is not so much about the profit with our surrogate mothers but more about a desire to help others to experience the joy of parenthood.

Then, the Ukraine egg donor database may also include surrogate mothers that have a perfect history of genetic background or potential for conceiving twins if such requests are found with couples. So, the price is already doubled or tripled.

How Should One Pay Egg Donors?

Do not worry about the payment system when you rely on the World Center of Baby or other professional agencies. First off, you won’t be daily receiving the costs to hurry up to the bank to transfer money. Everything is ongoing with contracts and law agreements. Secondly, the best agencies offer an opportunity to pay with installments in 4 or more. Finally, you pay mostly for the surrogacy process in full, while it is a sole responsibility of an agency to create an egg donor Ukraine database and then offer choices for you. Please, prior to starting this process, learn the current legislation. Note, gay surrogacy is not available in Ukraine.

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