4 Nursing Career Opportunities to Consider

Nursing is a reputable profession. In times past, nurses didn’t command much respect as they do today. It didn’t take much to become a nurse back then. In recent times, all aspects of life have faced remarkable changes. The nursing profession has also evolved in several ways. Nursing has taken advantage of the latest technologies to improve the experiences of patients.

Nursing now has various certifications for anyone interested. You can study and become a registered nurse. There are diverse career opportunities not restricted to hospitals, which a registered nurse can explore. These opportunities offer room for specialization in any nursing field.

If a nursing career is what you’re after, taking the step to becoming a nurse is a good decision you won’t regret. This is especially true if you have a passion for taking care of people. On that note, below are four of the many nursing career opportunities you can go for.

Practical Nursing

Practical nursing is a good way to begin your nursing career. This kind of nurse is also known as LPN (licensed practical nurse). They work with doctors and RN (Registered Nurses) to give primary care to patients. The good news is that there’s an increased demand for practical nurses all over the world. What’s more, there are a plethora of pracical nursing career opportunities you can choose from. Upon completing a bachelor’s degree or a practical nursing program, you’ll be qualified to get a license.

As a PN, you earn a good salary with the opportunity to grow and become an expert in the field. If you’re a people lover, this job is for you. However, this nursing profession (like most others) requires lots of patience and compassion. Practical nurses work closely with patients because of their job duties. These duties include:

  • Correctly documenting the medical history of patients.
  • Helping ill patients carry out daily tasks like bathing, dressing, and eating.
  • Giving emotional support to patients.
  • Monitoring vital signs (temperature, heart rate, blood pressure) of patients.
  • Doing physical assessments for patients.
  • Dispensing injections and prescribed drugs.
  • Monitoring patient’s progress and looking out for side effects or reactions to medications.
  • Drawing up patient’s chart.

According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), hospitals are the second-highest employers of vocational nurses in the United States. Besides working in hospitals, vocational or practical nurses can work in several other places. They can work in physician’s offices, in-home healthcare, long-term care facilities, outpatients care centres, and more.

Physician’s Offices: In a physician’s office, an LPN will help a doctor check the patients, accurately get patient’s data and symptoms. They also give injections and administer medications where necessary.

Private home Healthcare: In recent times, more patients choose to stay home and employ the services of practical nurses. Besides the basic health care responsibilities of the practical nurse, LPNs help patients with daily activities. They can also suggest interior and exterior home remodeling to homeowners or suggest plants that aid the patient’s recovery.

Oncology Nursing

The history of cancer can be dated back to 370 BC when “The Father of Medicine” Hippocrates first used the word “cancer.” Since then, the disease has become more dangerous, and many types of cancer have been discovered. A lot of people face cancer risk through smoking and other unhealthy habits.

Some common forms of cancer are breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, melanoma, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, neck cancer, colon cancer, and more. Science is still uncovering more cancer information, and so oncology nursing will continue to evolve as various forms of rare cancers arrive on the scene.

Oncology nursing is a critical and growing field of nursing. Oncology nurses are the caregivers who give support and care for people who go through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Oncology nurses undergo specific training to be able to handle chemotherapy and radiation treatments for patients. This field of nursing allows the nurses to show compassion to patients. They assess patients, take vital signs, and ensure patients respond well to treatments with no painful side effects.

Mental Health Nursing

In recent times, the rise in the number of mental illnesses has increased the demand for mental health or psychiatric nurses. This nursing field is now becoming popular as it attracts a higher salary than most fields in nursing. Mental nursing health practitioners work with doctors. They also work with individuals, families, communities, and groups, helping them know their mental health situations. They’re also skilled in the early detection of mental illnesses.

Gerontological Nursing

This field of nursing is another one to consider. Gerontological nursing is focused on the care and treatment of older patients. These nurses work with the families to administer medications and care to older patients. For registered nurses to practice this nursing as their specialty, they would need to get a certification.

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