Best time of day to turkey hunt


Before you go Turkey hunting, it is essential to be informed about what it entails before setting out. The last thing you need is to go on a Turkey hunting expedition and returning without anything because you didn’t go at the right time.

When it comes to hunting animals like Turkey, the success rate depends on the time you go out.

Knowing the right time to hunt Turkey

It is important to mention that you can’t control most of the variables involved in hunting Turkeys. However, you need to be sensitive to their activity for each weather.

Hunting in the rain

During the cold rainy days, expert Turkey hunters love to hunt in the rain because Turkeys would be eating in the rain. Turkeys feed on worms, insects, bugs, etc., and they come to the surface when it rains. When Turkeys are feeding in the rain, they are less careful. Moreso, their visibility and hearing are hindered, making it easy for you to get close unnoticed.

Hunting in a dry and sunny period

When the sun is out, and there’s a clear sky, you will see Turkeys in the field, hanging around trees. It is challenging to capture Turkeys around this time because they are wide alert, and because the weather is bright, they have sharp eyesight.

You can easily spot them on such days because they make different noises due to their increased activity. However, they can easily see you too because of their keen eyesight.

Hunting in the morning

For serious hunters, hunting in the morning should be a priority. This is because turkeys search for their first food of the day. Hence, they will make lots of noises while moving around, and you can leverage this to capture them with your hunting tools like the best bow hunting stabilizer, etc. 

You can use two strategies when hunting Turkeys in the morning; they are called calling or ambush. Calling involves trying to communicate with them. If a gentle whisper or noise doesn’t work, make violent calls to get their attention faster. In comparison, you can ambush them by predicting their direction and waiting silently for them. 

Expert hunters can combine both strategies if the location and weather permits.

Hunting in the afternoon

It is not common to hunt in the afternoon because some places don’t permit it. However, if allowed in your location, you will easily see Turkeys scurrying to shades to avoid the heat.

Hunting in the evening

As sunset beckons, Turkeys return to their nests. Just like the morning time, you can predict their behavior during sunset. If you chose to hunt around this time, be careful not to scare them away. An unsuccessful evening hunt ruins morning hunting expedition.


To hunt turkeys successfully, you need to watch the time of day, weather, and seasons to avoid wasting your time. Before hunting, you need to be sure of your boundaries, and you can learn more about this on Do not hunt in restricted areas because trespassing is a crime. If you want to hunt on private land, seek the owner’s permission.

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