Can CBD Oil Actually be Used to Treat Anxiety?

CBD oil is growing in popularity due to its holistic properties. CBD oil is a dietary addition that helps with common anxiety and pain. CBD oil, unlike similar products often referred to “snake oils”, or “gimmicks”, does not produce a high and has no psychoactive or addictive effects.

This article discusses CBD oil to treat anxiety disorders. This product may be able to help with stress management and anxiety symptoms. Find out how CBD oil works, and if CBD oil is worth trying.

How does it alleviate anxiety?

Anxiety disorders represent one of most common mental conditions that affect people. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th Edition) lists several anxiety disorders. GAD is the most well-known. GAD treatment is usually short-term and involves medication. Many patients prefer non-pharmaceutical remedies. This post on cbdrevo explains more.

CBD (Cannabidiol), which is found in cannabis and hemp, can be obtained from these plants. It interacts primarily with the central nervous, and the peripheral nervous systems’ CB1 and CB2 human receptors.

Although it is not clear how CBD works in the brains, scientists have suggested that it might regulate serotonin. Serotonin plays a key role in maintaining mood and controlling anxiety.

There are several options for treating anxiety. A class of medications known as selective serotonin reuptake inducers (SSRIs) includes Prozac or Zoloft. Lazarus Naturals CBD can be used as a natural substitute for prescription medications and is easy to purchase online. CBD can be used to treat anxiety. It has very few, if any, side effects.

CBD for General Anxiety Disorders (GAD)

The growing scientific evidence supports the idea that CBD can be used to help with anxiety, stress, and other symptoms linked to mental disorders. Although we don’t have enough human evidence to confirm CBD’s effect, recent animal research suggests that CBD interacts directly with brain cells to regulate serotonin as well as dopamine levels. These neurotransmitters can regulate mood.

CBD for anxiety and other conditions

CBD may be able to help with anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorder, PTSD, and Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD). It can also help with sleep-related anxiety.

CBD could be used to lower social anxiety, according to research. SAD patients surveyed found that CBD 400mg significantly reduced their anxiety.

CBD might be able to help with PTSD. CBD can be used both as a standalone treatment or as a complement to conventional PTSD treatments. CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy) is still considered to be the gold standard.

How to use CBD Oil for Anxiety Relief

CBD is everywhere these days. The CBD has become a popular ingredient in many health food stores, once a staple of hippie health food stores. Remember when everyone bought “B Macintosh” apples as a healthier alternative to everything? It can now be purchased like any other supplement. It’s available in oil tinctures, sprays for vaping, and capsules that look almost like pharmaceuticals.

Tinctures & Oils

CBD tinctures or oils are the fastest and most effective way to experience the health benefits of CBD. You can place the tinctures directly under your tongue. Oils are applied to the skin using transdermal absorption.


CBD vapes don’t replace cigarettes. They are also not a method to quit smoking. Vape pens give you complete control over the vaping experience, including precise controls that let you modify the way you feel. The freedom to use vape pens for CBD concentrates, essential oils and more is also possible.


CBD edibles are an alternative to smoking. Cannabis oil can also be infused into chocolates, cookies, beverages, and other foods. CBD edibles take a little longer because they have to pass through your digestive tract. While you might not feel any effects the first time around, keep in mind that CBD edibles can actually make you feel better.


Inhaling CBD oil is the best way to obtain its many benefits. It takes only a few seconds for the CBD that you inhale to be absorbed into your body. This method may be difficult to measure and can lead to high CBD levels.

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The bottom line

Anecdotal evidence suggests CBD may be able to relieve anxiety. CBD for anxiety has not yet been approved by FDA. Quality and dosage can vary greatly between manufacturers and products. Anyone with a pre-existing condition should consult their doctor before taking CBD.

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