Different types of cyber hacks which can wreak havoc in their wake

Hacking is not simply an understanding and confined to the remains of the syllabus and understanding as it is a real phenomenon and taking place out there this very minute. Hacking is the practice of breaking the security of a digital asset, networking, or computer program and gaining illegitimate access. When a hacker has broken all the security protocols and has gained access to the secured infrastructure they can then use their intrusive skills to gain insight into the secured data present on the system and taking it as well, this could be the personal or financial data of the users. Hacking is no joke and should be treated as a serious threat to digital assets. 

Following are some of the notable types of cyber hacks that go around out there;

  • Malware attack

If you have enough know-how of the antivirus systems then you do know a random pop-up that appears on your screen from your anti-mare system notifying you about the possible presence of malware in there. It can be a horrifying experience as malware renders the functioning of the systems to a complete halt and provides access to the attackers or hackers sitting behind the screen full access to the attacked/affected system.

Malware is nothing but the intrusive scripts of code written by hackers that have the instructions to replicate in number and affecting the memory and CPU usage of the system. This then leads to the corruption of the anti-malate systems if these are outdated or not customized to tackle with this malware hence compromising the security of your system.

  • Phishing

This is the most common hacking practice out there and it entails the use of malware-ridden script codes and embedding them into clickable links. So, whenever you receive an email or message from someone that looks suspicious or not entirely accurate then you must refrain from clicking it or any of the links that this thread carries otherwise the malware will install itself into your system and bypass your initial parameters of security as well. The malware gets installed into your system upon clicking the link and they get access to all aspects of your system that is why it is paramount that you verify the integrity of the email or the thread that you have received before clicking on any of the attached links. 

  • Denial of service attack

This is the most sophisticated form of cyber hacking in which the hacker will embed such code into a machine or the network system which would render the resources of that system such as connection ports, network, and CPU workload by occupying them all and not providing access to connect with the intended service thus creating a random denial of service situation. This isn’t originally the case as the traffic is not that intense only the attack that the hacker has launched has occupied all the system resources not allowing others to connect and taking down the website or the network they are trying to connect with.  

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