Essential Gears Every Paddleboarder Needs

Stand-up paddleboarding is an exciting and fun water sport for all It is an activity that has become very famous in recent years due to its many benefits. From young kids to adults, many are choosing SUP as a hobby. 

From North American beaches to South Asia, stand-up paddleboarding is everywhere. Therefore, if you are lucky to live or visit a water body often, you need to own a paddleboard. 

But you need to have all the paddleboarding essential gears. These are specific pieces you need to maximize your enjoyment and others to protect yourself while paddling. 

Below is a simple guide on all the essential gears every paddleboarder needs. Apart from a paddleboard and a paddle, there are other vital things you need to buy. 

10 Essential gears you need to start your stand-up paddleboarding adventure

1. Paddleboard

Even though it is obvious you will need a paddleboard, choosing the right one is imperative. Keep in mind there are many designs and each is made of different materials. 

Therefore, research more about paddleboards to make sure you pick the right one. 

2. Paddle

A paddle is another essential accessory that you need to choose properly. You need to pick one based on your height. Without a good paddle, you cannot go far. 

When choosing a paddle, stand it near you vertically. A good one should be some inches over the head. 

3. Safety accessories

The most important pieces of gear you need are safety accessories. Before you head out on the paddleboard, there are some safety accessories you need to have. 

*Personal flotation device – it is essential to wear a life jacket when you are paddling. Also, you need to have one that is of appropriate size. 

Since there are several life jackets, make sure you pick one depending on the type of water body you are in. The good news is that you cannot go wrong with a personal floatation device.

If you are bringing your dog, we strongly suggest you grab a PFD for him as well!

*Stand-up paddleboarding leash – one of the most important accessories any paddleboarder need is a leash. A SUP leash is a vital safety accessory that ensures your board cannot drift away from you. 

Without a SUP leash, your board can be taken away by waves or the wind. In addition, a leash will ensure your paddleboarding sessions are fun and safe for you and others. 

On some beaches, it is mandatory to wear a leash when paddleboarding. This is to ensure the board does not hit someone in case you fall from it. 

*Safety light and whistle – whether you are a pro or a beginner, it is important to carry a whistle. Both the whistle and the safety light are vital in case of an emergency. 

4. Clothing

Most paddlers are not aware that there are many essential clothing items they need when they start paddling. You should be ready to dress for water and for the weather as well. 

Some of the clothing you need includes:

*Clothing for warm weather – if the weather is warm, ensure you wear a sun-protectant shirt, sandals or water shoes, a sun hat, and a swimsuit. 

*Clothing for cold weather – in case the weather is cold, look for clothes that insulate well. For instance, you can pick a wetsuit, wool cap, socks, and paddling gloves. 

5. A deck bag

This is an ideal bag for carrying most of your personal things. While you are on board, you want a bag that will keep all the items dry. Besides, it should have easy-to-access pockets. 

6. Camera mount

If you love taking pictures and recording videos, a camera mount is a vital gear you need to purchase. It is a device that will make those activities easy while paddling. 

7. SUP carry strap

SUP is another essential accessory you cannot ignore, especially if you are not accessing a nearby water body. If you will need to carry the paddleboard, you need a SUP carry strap. 

Hence, if you are walking long distances from your car to the ocean or sea, the carry strap makes things easier. 

8. Paddleboard cooler

If you are planning to be paddling the entire day, a paddle board cooler is another essential accessory you need to have. 

There are many coolers made specifically for paddleboards. Most are large enough to keep your favorite drinks, snacks, and other foods. 

9. Waterproof case

Another important accessory you need is a waterproof case. Just like when you are traveling through a boat, the waterproof case can help to keep important things such as a cellphone, charts, and maps secure.

10. Other gears

Even though some items might be non-essential to some people, they are essential. Things such as a hydration pack, sun protection, GPS, and a watch might are significant when paddling. 


These are the most essential gears every paddleboarder needs. Be sure to research more to ensure you pick the right accessory. 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, make sure you have these items. With the gears, you will have fun and enjoy the benefits that come with stand-up paddleboarding. 

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