How to install sew-in hair weaves

Summer is almost here, for those women who treat wearing wigs as an everyday routine, wearing wigs becomes an unpleasant thing due to the sweat and itchy feelings caused by high temperature and humidity. So having hair weaves is a great alternative way to have your fabulous hairstyles and
colored wigs
. Because you can let your hair and scalp out for having access to air and breathe by wearing hair weaves. It can ease the itchy feeling and oil if you put your hair under a wig for a long time. You probably wonder whether hair weaves can reach the same natural looks as wigs do. The answer is Yes and one of the key factors to make your hair look natural is that you should properly put on your hair bundles and perfectly blend the weaves with your hair. And here are some tips about how you put on your sew-in hair properly:

Step1:Make full preparations

Before installing the hair weaves, you should buy hair bundles. There are two types of hair extensions, synthetic hair is more affordable and requires less time to maintain hair. It’s better for someone who just for fun or uses it for a short time. Human hair weaves, however, are made of real human hair, so they can last longer and can be styled with heat and colored with chemicals. If you want to have a more natural look, human hair bundles are perfect for you. As for the hair color, you can choose a bright color to match the summer, and you can dye the hair on your own if you buy human hair. And then consider the length and how much volume you need. Here at unice mall, it offers all kinds of human hair bundles for you to choose from.

Step2:Braid the hair to make cornrows

Before you create a base for hair weaves with your natural hair, you should wash the hair to remove leftover products and condition the hair and use a comb to detangle your hair to make sure there are no knots. Leave some of your hair to be your leave-out to cover the tracks once it’s finished, this leave-out hair can help you create a more natural look. You can braid the hair in different ways to make various styles. Start braiding your natural hair from front to back and repeat a criss-cross pattern. Then you need to secure the ends.

Step3:Sew the hair weaves

Before you sew the weaves, you can put in an oil treatment to prevent your hair from dryness. Start sewing on one side of the cornrows with a curved needle and make sure the first stitch as tight as possible without any discomfort. After reaching the end of the braid, you should secure the ends by making knots two or three times.

Step4:take care of your bundles

Wash your hair bundles with hydrating shampoos and conditioners from top to bottom, and air dry your hair instead of using a hairdryer to speed the process. And you need a deep cleansing and conditioning routine for your hair after installment.
If you don’t have enough time or confidence to try installment on your own, you can always go to the salon for asking experts to help you finish. And unice mall offers unice hair bargains for you to get high-quality human hair weaves, such as body wave, straight and curly hair, and many colors for your options.

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