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How to Make Your Own Sound on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most trending social media apps available for both Android and iOS operating systems. It is a platform that ensures their users share short video content with their followers. Now, these unique features have created enormous popularity among young to old peoples.

TikTok has a massive library of music and sound bites that you can add to your videos. As with all the best social platforms, getting an account allows you to follow, like, comment, share and create your own content. To increase your TikTok followers, you need to attract users by creating unique video content.

Therefore, most TikTok users are tired of providing the same old-fashioned effects. So they want to create video content with their own voice audio, which can make them viral. That’s why the article will provide the procedure to add your own audio on the TikTok video.

Learn the procedure to add your own audio on TikTok video:

When TikTok started its journey, they directly allowed adding songs from the user device to the videos. But due to the latest update, it is not possible.

Fortunately, you can narrate, use TikTok’s built-in music library, or download third-party apps to add custom sounds to your videos. To create your own video and upload it to TikTok, let’s have a look below.

Way to manually record your video and audio:

With TikTok latest update, you can now no longer upload music from your mobile phone. But TikTok has a narration feature. You can play music, speak and record its sound. You will add this to the video later.

So to do this, initially, you need to launch the TikTok app on your phone. Select the plus sign at the bottom of TikTok apps and tap the red button on the next screen to record the video.

Instead of recording a new video, you can also select a previously recorded video. When you’re done recording, or when you’ve selected a video for narration, tap next at the top of the screen. Then you need to tap the narration. An icon appears in the upper right corner of the filter.

On the next screen, select the record button to start recording your voice. If you want to record your voice throughout the video, just tap. However, if you want to narrate only part of the video, hold down the button while recording. The recording will stop when you release the button.

If you want to remove the original sound from the video, clear the keep original sound check box at the bottom. If you want to keep the sound in the background, leave the check box selected. Select the ‘Save’ button to maintain the narration.

Use a third-party app to add your own audio:

To add your own video, another prevalent way is to use third-party apps. This means you can take bits of help from a video editing application. Many video editing apps are available on the online platform for creating videos, and you can add your own sounds.

Whatever, If you want to make a video using the sound of a song on your mobile device, you can contact them to make a video and upload it to TikTok. Most video editing apps are available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can easily make and add your own audio on the TikTok video content by doing some simple procedure. Most video editing applications have algorithms that will automatically add your audio to the beginning of the video. You can change it by moving the slider.

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