How to play Ragnarok M: Eternal love on PC?

Ragnarok M: Eternal love, an open world mobile MMORPG which is mostly based on the famous Ragnarok Online. Nordic mythology is the background of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Players interactions and multiplayer team’s battles are the main features. The graphics are amazing like cartoon or anime style. It has unique transfers, cards, or dress-ups. This is a well-known adaption of the famous Ragnarok Online on Android devices. It is mostly supporting some beautiful and amazing 3D graphics. This game is based on its very artistic level. Like in the original you can choose different classes for your character like magician, thief, swordsman, merchant, archer, and acolyte. You can also specialize as your level upgrades. In addition to improving your statistics, you can assign a subclass that can lead you to become a cleric.

This game is all about completing quests and missions that will be given to you. You can play these missions alone or with others players that you can find online. Find yourself a mentor if you are below the level of 90 that will give you a quest guide daily. You can play by making a team of six characters or by teaming up with players online.

This game took the internet by storm with high-profile celebrity branding like Lisa from Black pink. This game was built for android devices but now you can play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love on PC by using one of the powerful android emulator. Emulators are android software that you can download on PC to play nearly any mobile video game on PC. Android emulators have changed the gaming community to a whole new level with more and more mobile games player. Many powerful and lightweight android emulators are available in the market for you to play mobile video games but not every android emulator is worth downloading. Here we have chosen 2 powerful and lightweight android emulators that you can download to play your mobile video games on PC especially for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love on PC.

  • LDPlayer:

If you want to emulate the latest version of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love on PC, then LDPlayer should be your first choice. LDPlayer has a wide range of customization and features that you will love. Everything is well developed and easy to access. The interface is very simple and unique which is very easy for most beginners’ players. The interface is user-friendly. You can easily run this android emulator on your high-end PC with no lag and errors. But if you think this android emulator is built for a high-end PC then it’s not. You can play your mobile video games like Ragnarok M Eternal love with no hustle, it is compatible with many PCs on the low end of their performance spectrum. You can run as many instances of this software as your computer can afford. Like mentioned before, LDPlayer has a wide range of customization power when it comes to your settings. You can have the option to choose your in-game resolution whether you want it full-screen display or play using 720p or Full HD.

You can have the access to its graphical settings or you can also customize your CPU setting, RAM usage, or the apps that are already installed. There is a whole variety of customizations that you can do. You can customize your controls and can do many more with LDPLayer that can enhance your gameplay much more.

  • Buestacks:

 Bluestacks is one of the pioneers when it comes to the android emulator gaming community. Through many years bluestacks have evolved and continued to grow its audience around the world with its ultra-fast speed and lag-free gaming experience. Bluestacks is one of the popular powerful android emulators that you can download on your PC. Bluestacks contains a wide range of powerful features and claims to be faster than most high-end Android devices in the market.

Like other lightweight and powerful android emulators, Bluestacks also gives you the power to a wide range of customizations whether it is your gaming controls or your resolution. You can change your GPU settings and can also run multiple apps along with your gameplay. The gameplay is smooth and hustle-free. With lighting speed, Bluestacks is chosen by millions of users worldwide.


Although Bluestacks is packed with many other features that are tempting in many sense for most users LDPlayer should be a number 1 choice. Bluestacks is in the market for a very long time but bluestacks have a history of bad user experience and with many versions that were launched previously, Bluestacks did evolve from it. But for a more amazing experience, LDPlayer is worth downloading and has constant updates. That’s why LDPLayer has millions of active players around the world

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