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Things That Will Damage Your Domain Authority

Are you struggling with boosting your website’s domain authority (DA)? No doubt, it can be highly frustrating to work and notice every single detail. And what if, after all these efforts, you see a vast and sudden decline? 

If you are a website owner and looking to protect and increase your site’s DA, you will need to focus on a few things. These are some of the most common factors playing a significant role in damaging a website’s domain authority. 

You might be scratching your head and thinking about what we are talking about: Don’t worry! We are going to clear all the points in this post. So, if you are curious to learn more, then read on! 

  • High amounts of rich anchor text

One of the most important things involved in damaging your site’s DA is the high amount of rich anchor text! Adding too many rich keyword anchor texts can extensively hurt your rankings and, of course, DA. You have to realize that anchor text only enables search engines to recognize your website. 

If your backlink profile is full of a high amount of the same keyword anchor texts, then Google and other search engines will think that you’re purposely aiming to increase your rankings for that keyword. Mind it: This is an act that Google doesn’t like. That’s why you must avoid adding the same anchor texts to your site.

  • Absence of activity

No wonder activity is something that gives rise to outcomes. If your site lacks activity and behind your site’s settings, there is also an absence of action, then it can be harmful to your DA.  There are no blogs published regularly and no respect content at all. 

Previously, Google has declared that it will provide higher rankings to those sites with relevant, fresh, and helpful content. For example, if you published something in 2015, your website will be dated. And at this point, out-of-date data isn’t valuable. To get secured from such issues, you must regularly write fresh content onto your site. That’s why writing blogs is so beneficial. Composing daily posts enables search engines to crawl your website more frequently.

  • Immense Keyword Stuffing

Just like over addition of the same keyword anchor texts on your website is terrible. Likewise, stuffing your website with the exact keywords will also leave a damaging effect on your domain authority. 

Undoubtedly, keywords are the key to higher rankings, but as we all know, excess of everything is terrible. So, try not to overuse the exact keywords while writing content. Just try to stick your selected keywords 2-6 times. Ultimately, your site would have higher rankings. 

  • Slow Website Speed

Another important factor is your site’s speed. There is a big hand in the site’s loading and the overall rate of your website. It is an important ranking and, of course, an increased DA factor. If your site contains too many HD quality images, links, and adverts, site speed becomes low. And nobody wants to spend their time. 

When users don’t show interest and return from your site, Google will notice and remove your site’s high rankings. To get secure from such speed problems, always add compressed images and other running files. Also, don’t try to overstuff too many pictures and videos in content.

  • Stop Using Spammy Backlinks

The most powerful way that can damage your website DA too quickly is spammy backlinks. If your other spammy will constantly link to your site, it may prove not good. When websites are wishing to boost their rankings, they use this method. However, this is a severe problem that can directly damage your DA. 

Google always looks at the areas where website links are present. For Search engine optimization and your Domain authority. It would always be better to maintain your website as possible from spammy sites. Also, try to check for spammy links from time to time.

Increase Your Website DA Like a Pro!

Since you have learned what can damage your site’s DA in seconds, it’s time to learn about the magical way to boost your website DA directly. One of the easiest methods to fix and improve is using website DA checker tools. These Domain Authority Checker Tools are ready to help you a lot. We have shortlisted some of the best DA checker tools. So, still down and take a look!

  • SmallSeoTools – Domain Authority Checker Moz

It is one of the best-known platforms enabling you to check website authority with just a click. It is an excellent tool that can also be used as a bulk site DA checker. Enter the link of the sites you want to check, and click the check button. The tool will scan, and you can have a clear report.

  • – DA checker

It is another fantastic and reliable platform that is offering you a complete package of convenience.  You can check your website, even any site’s DA, by just pasting the URL in the input bar. Within less than a minute, you will get the ongoing site DA report. 

The Final Thoughts

The factors mentioned above are significant in protecting and boosting our site’s domain authority. So, pick a tool, check in-depth, and fix the problems accordingly!

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