The Tools to Sort PDF Pages

The ability to sort PDFs is something that most PDF editors feature. Editing PDFs does not only mean adding or removing certain elements like text, images, graphics, and the like. It can also mean sorting the disparate pages of several different PDFs into one much more brief and concise text. This can be done in many ways. Several online tools let users rearrange the order of pages in a specific PDF document as well as giving them the ability to merge or split texts altogether. Many of them also feature other important PDF file editing abilities to give users a complete suite of offerings.

I Love PDF

I Love PDF is a standard tool that lets users edit PDFs online, but not only. It has compression and conversion features, as well as merging and splitting tools. The tool is designed to be easy-to-use, as many online PDF editors are.

The browser-based tool is also largely free-to-use depending on the function or tool users need to use. Users need only register to have free rein of the other PDF tools available like adding security features, compression, and conversion, as well as reordering and rearranging pages.


PDF24 is an all-around PDF editing platform that gives users a wide variety of different tools to work with. The tools are largely free to users who register, but there is no cost associated with access to the platform. Among the tools offered by PDF24 are comparing PDFs or standard fare like editing, splitting, merging, and removing pages from the text.

Users can also rearrange pages using the dedicated tool. All that is required is to open the file and then rearrange the pages in the order a user wants and then save the changes. They can then download the file or save it to their local hard drive. Changes are not made to the quality of the text or the images, and design elements are kept exactly as they originally appeared.


PDFChef is an online tool that is also available in a desktop version so users can still edit their PDFs offline. The tool is available and compatible with several operating systems from Windows and Mac to Linux. For online use, users have a wide array of different tools that lets them do everything from editing, compressing, merging, splitting, and rearranging.

To rearrange the pages in a PDF, users need to only drag and drop their files into the open browser window. After the page loads, users can then view the file in thumbnails so they can easily rearrange and order the pages however they want. Users can even add more than one PDF file at a time to rearrange. Once the order has been set, users can save and download the newly ordered file.


PDF2Go is another all-in-one tool that is available online for users to edit, order, and rearrange their PDF files. The program has a simple interface that was designed to be as easy as possible to use so new users do not get confused. The program lets users interact with the site for free both as registered and unregistered users.

The program is also available in a premium, paid version that gives users even more access to more advanced PDF editing features like locking and unlocking, as well as compression and conversion services. To rearrange and order PDF files, users need to simply drag and drop their files into the browser.

Once opened in the browser, a thumbnail view will appear to give users an overall view of the document. From there they can pick and choose which pages they want to keep, reorder, or delete. Users can also rearrange the order ascending or descending from the original format. Once completed, users need to only press Reset changes and the document will be rearranged.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an online program that is also available to users in a downloadable desktop version and a mobile application. Lumin gives users a wide range of essential editing tools in an easy-to-follow interface that rivals most other premium PDF editors like Adobe. With Lumin users can edit PDFs, annotate text and collaborate in real-time with colleagues via the program’s synchronization with cloud-based platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Lumin also gives users merging and splitting options that also let them rearrange the order of documents. Lumin also employs the thumbnail view to give users a broader view of the entire document so it is easier to rearrange the pages. Users can make these changes, which are saved automatically thanks to the cloud compatibility of the program.

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