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The Top Advantages of Renting a House for Your Mini-Break or Holiday

You can always choose from a wide assortment of resorts and hotels spread across different areas in the UK or the continent, and it’s no wonder we opt for these when going on a weekend break or a more extended holiday. These places are supposedly safe and reliable, and what’s more, they’re often equipped with everything we need for a pleasant stay. But houses for rent – or holiday rentals, as they are also called – are getting raves nowadays for the different amenities and features they have, and they are private as well. So if you are looking for something different – and way better – than your standard hotel or resort, a holiday rental home may be just the thing for your next mini-break or holiday. But what can they offer? Here are the top advantages of renting a house for your weekend break or holiday.

What are they? The basics

A rental home or holiday rental property is just as its name implies: it’s a property (home, villa, manor, cottage, and more) that you can rent for a short period, and it is a private place where you can relax with your family or friends in style. You can, for example, rent a villa in Ibiza, a cottage in the Cotswolds, or even a manor in Gloucestershire or Oxford and choose from other large country houses to rent for weekends or longer holidays.

These homes and properties were not built to ‘house’ or entertain tourists – they are built to be individual homes and are designed as such, with plenty of amenities and features that add to their character. The beauty of such accommodations is that you have a range of choices on offer, and you can choose one that has all the facilities you could want, from indoor/outdoor pools to game rooms and cinema rooms and vast grounds with fantastic views and more.

Their top advantages

  • They have better facilities

Resorts and hotels may have various bells and whistles that any guest would want, and they will often have pools and gyms and other entertainment options. But most houses offered for holiday rentals will have the same – even better – facilities. You can choose from various modern facilities and amenities from pools to tennis courts to hot tubs to croquet lawns, and you can also have an entire home to yourself and your friends and family for the duration of your holiday. In addition, these properties are privately owned, which means that they were built and designed according to the preferences of the individuals who own them and not for vacationers alone. This makes them more special and more personal, too.

  • They give you more freedom

Whilst it’s a nice thing to stay in a hotel or resort and have access to different services if you want utter privacy and freedom, a holiday rental is best. They give you more freedom because you can come and go as you please, and you also have the choice of fixing and preparing your meals with food you buy from the local shops and farmer’s markets in the area where you are staying.

  • They offer more privacy and safety

As mentioned, since you and your family or friends are the only ones staying on the property, you can have all the privacy you need. It follows that they are safer because you don’t have to mingle with other tourists or guests.

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