Top Applications of Bluetooth Smart Lock in Holiday House of Airbnb

Airbnb has caused a sensation since its appearance, which has changed people’s rental consciousness. More and more people are looking for short rental rooms for tourism and vacation through Airbnb. Airbnb has driven the industry of short rent of spare rooms. With the continuous growth of the number of tourists, people’s demand for short rent is also growing. While Airbnb brings convenience, there are also management problems. There are inevitably property security problems when renting a house to different people. The traditional door lock is not enough to cope with this situation. Fortunately, Bluetooth smart lock can solve this problem well.

Why holiday house need a Bluetooth smart lock?

Airbnb is a service-oriented website to contact tourists and homeowners with vacant rooms. It can provide users with a lot of accommodation information. Homeowners with spare rooms can choose to rent on Airbnb for extra income. This way of renting was warmly welcomed by many homeowners initially. These homeowners obtain sure profits by renting vacant rooms to tourists in need. 

However, with the expansion of this model, the worries of homeowners are gradually revealed. If every new guest has the key to my house, how can I guarantee my house’s security? Once a landlord of Airbnb said that tenants had ransacked his house. You know, it’s straightforward to duplicate a key. Changing the door lock is not a reasonable solution. It cannot fundamentally solve the problem but also a waste of human and material resources. Given the unique situation of vacation houses and some short rent apartments, the traditional door locks can no longer meet the demand. At this time, installing a wifi keypad door lock will be the best solution. Among many smart locks, Smonet Bluetooth smart lock is the best choice.

How does Smonet Bluetooth smart lock help holiday house?

1. Ensure the safety of the house and guests.

Unlike traditional door locks, Smonet Bluetooth smart lock does not need to be equipped with a physical key. People can set the password to open and lock the door. Besides, the landlord can remotely lock the door from the application. If someone enters the wrong password over five times, Bluetooth smart lock will automatically lock for five minutes. 

When people travel outside, they must hope to have a safe living environment to have a safe and comfortable place to rest after a day’s tour. After the wifi keypad door lock is installed, only the tenant and the landlord know the door lock’s password, so the tenant doesn’t have to worry about other people breaking into the door. At the same time, the landlord can change the door lock’s password after a guest finishes the lease, which is equivalent to changing a new lock in the room. The landlord is no longer worried that the key to the door will be copied or that some ill-intentioned people will ransack the property in the house.

2. Provide maximum convenience for guests.

Bluetooth smart lock can be unlocked not only by password but also by voice. The landlord can inform the guest of the room password in advance. Or connect the guest’s voice to an Alexa device or home Wi-Fi in advance so that the guest can open and close the door through the voice. Guests don’t have to worry about losing their keys. Besides, even if the guests arrive at the accommodation in the middle of the night, they can quickly identify the door lock by password or voice without waiting. Bluetooth smart lock provides the most excellent convenience for guests.

3. Smonet Bluetooth smart lock has long battery life.

What you need are just 4pcs AA batteries to open the door 5000 times for around six months. The installation of a Bluetooth smart lock is convenient for landlords and residents, and there is no need to worry that the Bluetooth smart lock will consume much energy. Besides, you can enjoy Smonet’s one-year product warranty, 30-day free return and exchange, and lifetime technical support

Started up in 2002, Smonet has the best wifi door lock. Their products are part of a generation of advanced remote monitoring and surveillance systems. Smonet has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service worldwide. You can contact them for more information.

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