Top Companies that want Crypto in Healthcare

They are very enticing features to store sensitive health data or to operate supply chains, and several firms attempt to harness their strengths in healthcare. We have selected the most promising companies to provide healthcare for blockchain.

Blockchain: Award for Buzzfeed

It would be a great surprise if the buzzword of the award in 2018 weren’t blockchain. Although technology is a significant shift, several experts of the dot-com boom recall the frenzy and hoopla around it. As Reuters highlighted in its study, the average share price of firms that sprung up on the blockchain bandwagon and at least depicted the change in their name has more than three times increased since their re-branding. John Oliver played with the blockchain hype by altering Block Chainiver’s name to Last Bit Tonight.

No surprise, hundreds of firms, startups, corporations, and companies are experimenting with the technology blockchain. Like in the case of artificial intelligence, the mechanism underlying cryptocurrency appears in insane places. See how Kodak and Long Island Ice Tea sought to lift the blockchain. That’s why it’s a Sisyphean effort, not to talk about blockchain in healthcare, to provide a list of firms worth remembering. Furthermore, we don’t know how long a blockchain frenzy lasts, which firms prove long-lasting and profitable. Therefore, when gathering the best blockchain businesses in healthcare, we were careful; and we must caution every reader that the market environment might alter more rapidly than we expected.

Genomics Nebula

Since the completion of the Human Genomic Project, the price of genome sequence has fallen freely. In January 2017, D.N.A. sequencing giant Illumina revealed new equipment that says, “We can expect one day” to order less than $100 off your entire genome. The White Paper on Nebula Genomics claims that the potential to sequence individuals’ genomes will soon generate a trillion-dollar genomic data industry.

The Nebula Genomics team believes that this industry would have comparable properties and problems as any data market. And what is the best solution to handle data security concerns and ensure that data passes without intermediaries from the source to its final user? You’re correct; the blockchain is suitable. The business, partnered with modern genomics guru George Church, co-founder of Veritas Genetics, will employ blockchain technology to improve genome data safety, enabling purchasers to obtain genome data quickly and handle genome significant data issues. Let’s remember this final expression, as in the future we’ll hear it!


The San Francisco-based tech startup uses IoT supply chain blockchain technologies to increase traceability and accountability. It is essential in sectors like pharmaceuticals, precious metals, or other goods of great value.

Safe and timely delivery is essential for time and temperature-sensitive health items such as different vaccinations. Blockchain technologies might assist in accelerating logistics, reduce inconsistencies, save potential costs by streamlining procedures, enhance product visibility and make things more transparent when traveling the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Chronicled is also a partner in the MediLedger Project, launched in September 2017 to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. The program also aims to prevent the entry of falsified medications into the supply chain. Pfizer, AmerisourceBergen, and McKesson are all participating. Wholesalers are also involved.


In London, the firm builds a decentralized, blockchain-based platform to safely store health information and digital exchange records with physicians, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies. Medicalchain also offers telemedicine on its platform: it allows patients to connect with their physicians and exchange information about their health via online sessions. In the future, the company will let third-party developers develop applications within Medicalchain, which may include drug management systems, wearable interactions, or nutritional advisory services.

A collaboration with The Groves Medical Group, a group of 30,000 NHS registered patients, was announced in March 2018. The Groves will be the first medical practice in the U.K. to employ blockchain technology and accept crypto-monetary services as payment, extending private health care access to its four medical centers. It will launch the fascinating pilot projects in July 2018, and we can’t wait for the findings. Visit bitcoin loophole for more precise information.

SimplyVital Health

Katherine Kuzmeskas, Founder and C.E.O. of the Connecticut-based firm, told Medium that “the company is targeting value-based services inefficiency, which is the shift to quality reimbursement of our health care system.”

Their product ConnectingCare connects suppliers from various medical organizations on the same platform to see patient data. Furthermore, artificial intelligence-driven financial and healthcare algorithms provide all users accessible strategic options. Blockchain-powered technology enables users to track patients and reduce the cost and length of care. It pushes healthcare providers to collaborate such that compensation depends on their capacity to demonstrate their cooperation. SimplyVital Health also works on its second product Health Nexus, a health care safe blockchain protocol and the first blockchain protocol that is HIPAA compatible.


Estonian business is a pioneer of K.S.I. blockchain technology and comprises over 150 cryptographers, developers, and architects. All with decades of expertise defending networks against state assaults. They operate in the Netherlands, Estonia, the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, and Singapore and deal with data violations management, protect vital infrastructure, enabling e-government operations and financial markets, telecommunications partners, insurance businesses, and military industries.

As for healthcare, In March 2017, the Estonian eHealth Authority agreed to protect the health data of over one million Estonians with the blockchain pioneer Guardtime. These sensitive data also contain thousands of patients’ genetic information. In January 2018, the business inked an agreement with the United Arab Emirates, a private healthcare provider, to deliver this technology into the Arab country.

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