What You Probably Didn’t Know About Rhinoplasty

Facial appearance is vital to your social interactions. A symmetric face is attractive. However, you may experience low self-confidence because of asymmetrical facial structures such as your nose. A crooked nose can be hereditary or due to injury. Whatever the cause, rhinoplasty in San Francisco uses advanced technology in order to fix your nose and restore your esteem.

The nose is made up of partly cartilage tissue, bone, and soft tissues. Deformity of either structure distorts the nose’s symmetry and the face on a larger scale. For a nose job procedure, intravenous sedation is done, and small incisions are made by the surgeon on your nose. Through these small incisions, the skin on the nasal area is gently raised, allowing restructuring of the nose.

Consider nose surgery if:

  •       You have a broken nose
  •       You have a crooked nose
  •       You have upturned nostrils
  •       You have depressions on the nasal bridge

Rhinoplasty is not a one size fits all procedure, and each step meets individual needs. Advanced medical centers recommend nose surgery that is proportional to other facial organs.

Amazing benefits of rhinoplasty

  •       Restores face symmetry- Your nose is the focal point of your face. A nose job fixes a crooked nose relative to other facial structures. An aligned nose restores facial symmetry and improves your aesthetic appearance.
  •       Turbinate reduction- Enlarged turbinates negate your aesthetic appearance as well as interfering with the nasal passageway. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty uses radio waves that ablate large turbinate tissue.
  •       Improves Breathing- The nasal cavity is the gateway to the lower respiratory tract. The nose filters, warms, and humidifies air entering your lungs. Nose surgery eliminates nasal obstruction and alters the shape of the nose to restore nasal airflow.
  •       Repairs broken nose- Tender cartilage tissue and underlying bone structure may break due to unsustainable impact. Rhinoplasty uses grafts to repair and strengthen a broken nose.
  •       Boost self-confidence- A pristine nose improves your cosmetic value and significantly improves your confidence. However, confidence is not only skin deep, and it trickles down to your intrinsic value. Everyone is imperfectly perfect.
  •       Permanent solution for snoring- Snoring occurs because of nasal blockage and wrong-angle airflow. A bulbous nose tip causes an influx of air to the nose to reroute during sleeping. The scant amount of air entering the nose necessitates snoring for extra air. Nose surgery fixes the nose tip to eliminate snoring.
  •       Corrects sinus problems- Chronic sinus infections cause respiratory complications. Headaches and mild breathing problems caused by deviated septum are treatable by rhinoplasty.

Risks and Side Effects

  1.         Scarring
  2.         Bleeding

                iii.         Adverse reaction to anesthesia

  1.         Numbness

Smokers will experience severe effects after nose surgery. Also, patients who display superficial blood vessels may not be suitable candidates for rhinoplasty. After rhinoplasty, nasal sprays and coagulants may cause severe pain. You should consult your doctor before resuming on them. Aspirin is a good medication to administer post-surgery.

Top Verdict

Whether it is revision rhinoplasty or initial, Michael R. Macdonald, M.D. tailors nose surgery to your cosmetic and functional needs. Choose a surgeon that mitigates risks associated with rhinoplasty while still imparting wonderful nose surgery.

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