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10 Bigcommerce SEO tricks all Canadian merchants need to know

BigCommerce is among the most popular platforms for eCommerce store development in the world. A huge number of merchants all over the world are setting up their stores and stepping into the online business market through BigCommerce. It has also received the 7th most popular in Canada in the Hosted Solution category. The major advantage BigCommerce has over other SaaS platforms is due to its SEO features. That said, here are the top 10 Bigcommerce SEO tricks all Canadian merchants need to know. Learn more

01. SSL Certificate

Secure Socket Layer makes the website more secure, which is why SSL Certification is preferred by all search engines. To make it easier for you, sites with SSL Certification start with HTTP:// and sites under SSL start with HTTPS:// in their web names. If your site doesn’t have SSL, the search engine will give the user continuous warnings, which can scare your customers or target audience right away. So, it’s absolutely imperative that you use BigCommerce’s built-in feature to get an SSL certificate for your online store. 

02. Registration of BigCommerce Store through Google Search Console

Google is the world’s most used search engine. However, Google never reveals the exact number of users and searches. Yet, according to the latest report , around 3.8 million searches are made every minute, which leads us to the important reason why you should register your Bigcommerce store site through Google search console. In this way, Google would be aware of the existence of your store. Make sure to register both secure and non-secure versions of your site to get the maximum benefit. 

03. Registration of BigCommerce Store through Bing Webmaster Tool

Registering your BigCommerce store with the Bing webmaster tool is equally important to float more audience towards your store. Why should you register your store on Bing Webmaster when it’s already registered with Google console? The reason is that Bing Webmaster is the second-best place after Google console to attract a wider range of audience to your store. So, registering on both increases your store reach to the maximum online users. 

04. XML Sitemap Submission

Now that you’ve registered your site through the Google search console and Bing Webmaster Tools, the next step is submitting an XML sitemap to both of them. This will allow your store to index your website into their systems. 

05. Integration of your Store with Google Analytics 

BigCommerce consists of built-in analytics tools to help the store owners to check their rankings. But built-in tools are not very effective if you want to optimize your store. For that, you must integrate it with the Google analytics tool. In this way you can get the accurate number of your organic audience and create a more effective strategy to boost the conversions. 

06. High Responsive rate of BigCommerce Store

The online business market is highly competitive. Online shoppers of today don’t wait for the site to load up. So, you can easily lose your potential customers if your site has a low response rate. That’s why you need to improve the response rate for your site. You can do that by making some changes to your site like implementing a content delivery network (CDN), applying high response rate themes, enabling AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) format, custom code your site, and use image compression tools. Or you can simply hire any BigCommerce agency to do all the work for you. 

07. Informative Blog Integration

Another very effective and proven way to optimize the BigCommerce store is by using onsite blogs. By uploading blogs on your site, you actually share information with the online user that can easily be converted into your customers. Writing attractive and well-curated content can boost your store conversions. You can take SEO expert assistance for writing blogs for your store so that you can maximize the chances of your website appearing in the google results.

08. Add META Descriptions and Tags

Meta descriptions are a crucial part of the SEO of any site. A meta description is basically a short summary of your online store. So, whenever any online user makes a search, these descriptions appear below your website. A well-written meta description increases the chances of more clicks and gets your site ranked well on search engines. 

09. Alt Text and Images Optimization

Image optimization is equally important as optimizing your store because the search engines don’t just catch keywords but also the images for indexing and ranking your website. So, make sure to add alt text to the images of your BigCommerce store. This will also help in categorising your store better in search engines. You can also use BigCommerce “Page Builder” to add images and alt text to your BigCommerce pages. 

10. Short and Clean URLs

Last but most importantly, short and clean URLs are essential for optimizing the BigCommerce store. Luckily, BigCommerce lets you create short URLs, which makes it better than other competing platforms. You can easily customize your URLs and make them SEO friendly. 

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