How Long Does It Take to Become a Realtor?

The real estate business is considered to be a very successful and flourishing business. The majority of the millionaires and billionaire worldwide have started their jouney from the real estate industry.

The industry offers lots of opportunities to people who aspire to become successful realtors. Real estate agents do not require a specific degree in their fields, but they do have to take exams to get licenses. The majority of people think that acquiring a real estate license is a very easy task but it’s the opposite in reality. It requires hard work, diligence, and nature that can persuade people. 

 Guidelines for Becoming a Successful Realtor in Canada

Other than the qualities mentioned above, you need at least 5-6 months to become a successful realtor, depending on what country and state you belong to. In Canada, you need at least 5-6 months to get your real estate license so that you can buy and sell properties. Getting a real estate license in Canada is an easy enough process. We have made a guideline for you to follow so you can acquire your license without much trouble. 

 Real Estate Certificate Course 

In order to become a successful licensed realtor, you must fulfill all the prerequisites of the license. One of the requirements of a real estate license includes completing the “Real Estate Certification Course Montreal” in many parts of Canada. For getting admission in this course, you should be of minimum legal age with Canadian Citizenship. The good thing about this course is, it can be done online as well. However, if you’re more of a Physical learner, then you should opt for physical classes. 

  1. Start Working a Real Estate Agency

Just like for work experience, internships are important. The same goes for the real estate business. You should join a real estate agency to get the exposure of the working ethics and also to acquire your realtor license. Another benefit of joining a real estate agency is that you can request them to sponsor your real estate license application. They will happily do that if you’re a fast learner and good for their business. This real estate agency might become your opportunity to grow as a realtor. So make sure you work with dedication there and not as time pass for getting your license. Start looking for the real estate listings right after you start working. 

  1. Submit your application and Pass the License Exam

Now that you have joined the real estate agency and done with all the paperwork. It’s the right time to submit your application for the license exam. The exam is not that difficult. With little preparation, you can pass it with good marks. Remember, it will be a written exam. So, prepare accordingly. 

  1. Get Your Insurance (Omission and Error )

To work as a licensed realtor in Canada, you need to get omission and error insurance. It’s a requirement of a license as well. In addition to that, this insurance would help you in unfortunate times. For instance: Any damage or mishap happens during your dealings. 

  1. Get Your Clients

Training and exposure to practical working are very crucial for any service or job. You need to spend some time in a real estate agency, as mentioned above, before you land on your actual first client. After the training for a limited period in the real estate agency, you are good to work and deal with the clients on your own. You can start looking for real estate listings. 


In just a few short spans of months, you can become a licensed real estate agent in Canada. To become perfect and successful in any business is challenging. It takes lots of hard work and dedication, which you will experience in this field as well. We wish you the best of luck in your real estate journey.

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