10 Questions They Will Ask You at the Salesforce Interview

Salesforce has recently become one of the most prospective and desirable career paths worldwide.

While modern businesses realise that their success and prosperity depends entirely on the ability to manage the process of communication with customers, store and analyse data they receive from this communication, Salesforce provides the efficient modern solution that makes Customer Relationships Management (CRM) most potent and straightforward.

No wonder today qualified and specially certified Salesforce professionals with a professional Salesforce Certification course who are certified are sought after in all spheres and industries. Moreover, they can count on especially competitive salaries that often significantly exceed the average salary in their regions.

For example, an average wage of a Salesforce Developer in the United States is around about $144,000. It is 26% higher than the average American salary in 2021. It is also essential to the point that Salesforce developer, as well as the Salesforce Administrator, are the entry positions in the field. It means that starting from this salary bar, your income will only grow while you get more experience and, of course, Salesforce Certification.

However, it is essential to understand that growing popularity and highly promising career prospects have made the Salesforce job market extremely competitive. Unlike several years ago, today`s employers get to choose among various Salesforce Admins and Developers that come from different professional backgrounds.

Therefore, once you decide to choose Salesforce as your career path, it is essential to find a training program that won`t only provide all the necessary theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience but also prepare you for the Salesforce Interview questions and Salesforce Certification. That way, you will become a truly competitive candidate for the position.

Let`s go over the 10 most frequent questions asked on standard Salesforce Interview questions and answers that will help you instantly demonstrate your competence in the field.

#1 – Describe the benefits of Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM has numerous benefits for a company in any industry or market field:

  • Reduction of development costs while raising customer satisfaction;
  • Faster and more efficient sales process;
  • Analytical approach to customer engagement;
  • Improved communication within the team as well as with suppliers, distributors and customers;
  • Automated task prioritisation.

#2 – What are the advantages of Salesforce using the SaaS Platform?

Salesforce SaaS provides for several instant benefits for the customer:

  • Straightforward hassle-free infrastructure management;
  • Optimisation for all sorts of mobile devices;
  • Guarantee of thorough data security;
  • Easy integration between applications;
  • Timely and relevant real-time updates;
  • Pay-as-you-go principles allow customers to track and optimise their CRM budgets.

#3 – Determine workflow in Salesforce

Salesforce workflow is a principle or an operation engine that determines further actions automatically based on certain criteria.

Actions are executed automatically once the criteria are met perfectly. Once there is a failure to meet the criteria, the system will postpone the action execution and save data for further analysis.

#4 – What are actions in Salesforce workflow?

Salesforce workflow has 2 types of actions:

  • Immediate actions – the actions executed immediately and automatically right after the record has been created;
  • Time-dependant actions – the actions executed some pre-determined time after the record is created. However, the system will re-evaluate the record before execution to make sure that the actions meet the relevant criteria.

#5 – What is a connected app in Salesforce?

A connected app is a framework that allows to the integration of an application with Salesforce. It uses standard SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect protocols to authenticate, authorise, and provide single sign-on (SSO).

Salesforce Admins use a connected app to establish security protocols and control who can use the corresponding apps.

#6 – Can one user get two profiles in Salesforce?

A user gets access to Salesforce depending on the assigned profile. One profile can be assigned to numerous users. That way, Salesforce Admin can, for example, make the sales process more efficient, involving several users in the process.

However, one user cannot get access to several profiles in Salesforce since sales reps ought to have access to sales profiles only.

#7 – What is Audit Trail, and why is it important for Salesforce Admins?

The audit trail is a protocol that allows a Salesforce Admin to track changes made by other administrators. The system stores data for 6 months.

#8 – Determine triggers in Salesforce.

Triggers (or Apex Triggers, as they are called in Salesforce) are codes executed before or after the record is made or updated to engage certain actions like lead conversations.

#9 – How is trigger different from the workflow in Salesforce?

A trigger is a piece of code, while a workflow is a fully automated process that does not require a code.

#10 – What is the minimum test coverage for trigger deployment?

  • Standard User – edit, view, update, or delete one’s own record;
  • System Administrator – customise and administrate an application;
  • Solution Manager – has standard user permission. Can manage categories and published solutions also;
  • Marketing Use – can import leads into the organisation, along with standard user permissions
  • Read-Only – views the records only.


Today you can fund numerous online and offline training programs that can help you become a qualified Salesforce Administrator or a Salesforce Developer, no matter what is your current professional or academic background is.

However, those are Salesforce Certification and the ability to demonstrate your knowledge and skills at the interview that determine your competitive level for a prosperous employer.

Being among pioneers in Salesforce training CRS Info Solutions have concentrated their efforts in preparing Salesforce Administrators and Developers that are able to demonstrate the level of skills and knowledge comparable to those of candidates who have been accumulating their experience throughout several years of practice. 

Although the demand for Salesforce professionals is only growing today, companies prefer candidates that feel confident and prove their attitude and professional ambition through relevant Salesforce Certification and ability to answer questions and express themselves eloquently. 

Hence, we advice you, it is vital to pay attention to training programs that offer advanced solutions such as preparation for a Salesforce Admin Interview questions and answers and Salesforce Admin Certification courses.

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