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15 Best Color Schemes For Your Bedroom: A Complete Guide – 20

Are you planning to redecorate your bedroom but are finding it really difficult as you often are confused with the selection of colors? Don’t know if the two-color combination for bedroom walls is the perfect fit or a single color itself? Would it work with your lighting, furniture, and the overall decor in the room?

Well, if these questions have also crossed your mind then you are in the right place. We have curated this article that includes everything and more to help you determine the best bedroom color for your design vision.

Why the color?

Every room has a story to narrate and the color of the room is one thing that enables the story to come alive, especially in a bedroom. It is natural to feel overwhelmed when choosing the bedroom colors — from accent walls to painted ceilings, what-to-choose, and what-not!

Here are the best bedroom color picks that we think work just perfectly when used in any setting. Continue reading to know what they are! But first;

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Color Scheme For a Bedroom?

Here are a few things that you can consider when choosing your bedroom color;

1) Warm, neutral shades

Colors like beige, mustard yellow, creamy white, and light grey are known to offer a homey and inviting atmosphere. These also evoke a sense of comfort, relaxation, and provide a great palette that pairs well with bright pops in the bedroom’s décor.

2) Light and Cool Tones

These could include soft yellow, light pink, lavender, and fresh blue colors that offer the bedroom a calm and restful environment. They are less distracting and are fairly easy to pair with lively patterns and bright room décor.

3) Vibrant Colors for the Bedrooms

Vibrant shades include gold, terra cotta, and dark purple that provide a bold color scheme that is elegant and inviting.

Top 15 Best Bedroom Colors to Choose From- The 2021 Picks!

Here are the top 15 best picks that we liked the most for bedrooms;

1. Lavender – Serene

Light lilac and certain shades of lavender exude serenity and help the room with a vibrant yet understated color palette.

2. Terracotta – Warm

Terracotta is one color that brings out the earthiness in the bedroom and rightly blends with your dark furniture and plants.

3. Slate Blue – Calm

This color is widely associated with sunny days and clear skies. They evoke happiness and serenity in a bedroom.

4. Royal Purple – Edgy

These are deep shades of purple that offer elegance to the bedroom.

5. Cream – Airy

This is the most popular color and pairs well with the flooring and light wood furniture, giving the bedroom an airy feel.

6. Dark Grey – Modern

These include certain rich shades of dark grey that add depth, a modern appeal, and warm tones.

7. Light Green – Earthy

The light green color evokes earthy and clean vibes.

8. Mustard Yellow – Vibrant

This color scheme has subdued undertones that are warm and vibrant.

9. Rose Pink – Comforting

The light shades of rose pink color scheme blend quite well with warm copper or light gold accents.

10. Bright White – Energizing

Cream and white walls, both help the room to feel open, spacy and help the room to appear larger than it is. You can easily add splashes of vibrant colors in the décor that bring out a whole new side of the scheme.

11. Light Gray – Dreamy

Light and cool gray tones help to enhance the natural light in a bedroom and also pairs well with blue and green décor.

12. Gold – Elegant

This metallic pick of paint can help to make a room appear larger and also works best when used on an accent wall.

13. Creamy Apricot – Fun

Any shade of apricot and peach pair really well with creamy beige tones. They add an element of flair to a bedroom.

14. Light Yellow – Soothing

Soothing color shades like light yellow help add a cheerful touch to a bedroom.

15. Sea blue – Cool

Certain cool shades like sea blue are rather minimalist and modern.

To Conclude: What Does Psychology Say?

As per Psychology, there are certain colors that are widely associated with metabolism, increased blood pressure, eye strain, and emotion. Similarly, the color red increases the rate of heart rate, blood pressure, and appetite (this is why you’d mostly find this scheme in restaurants).

On the other hand, there is another study that suggests black to be associated with aggression and anger. The shades of dark green and blue bring about feelings of indifference and sadness.

Having said that, choosing the color of a room is highly personal and often is molded with cultural associations. So, when choosing a color for your bedroom, we recommend going beyond your dream design. It’s ok to dig deep and look for a share that makes you feel- you!

FAQs: 15 Best Color Schemes For Your Bedroom: A Complete Guide – 20

1) How do I choose a color for my bedroom?

The best way to start is by assessing the furniture in the said room. In case most of it is white or light wood, it’s best to stick with a lighter design palette. Simultaneously, darker furniture is paired well with richer and deeper tones.

Nevertheless, if you have a general color in mind, it’s great to research and explore color ideas on Pinterest, Good Housekeeping, interior design blogs, etc. When done, visit the local paint store and request for a sample, test in a small area, and visualize before going full-forced!

2) What is the best color to paint a bedroom for better sleep?

Generally, the color blue is considered to be the best to help sleep as it has a calming quality.

3) What colors to avoid in a bedroom?

Colors like;

  • Red (increases the heart rate)
  • Dark brown (makes the room appear smaller)
  • Orange (distracting)
  • Bright lemony yellow
  • Lime green

4) What is the best color scheme for a children’s bedroom?

It’s best to choose vibrant and fun colors like;

  • Aqua
  • Light green
  • Sea blue
  • Beige
  • Cerulean blue

These colors are specially designed for a child’s design palette. Plus, it’s best to steer clear of beige, white, and other light colors as kids tend to beat the walls up.

Note – It is a fun idea to add a chalkboard wall in a children’s bedroom.

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