5 Signs You Might Be Suffering from Hair Loss Problems

Hair loss or alopecia is not a joke. It is a medical condition that needs utmost attention and treatment. There are also various types of alopecia, which means many factors can trigger and cause hair loss problems.

However, it is not easy to determine whether you should seek medical help or not. How can you identify if your hair is being threatened with alopecia? Before deciding on what shampoo for hair growth to use, identify the five signs of hair loss problems.

Hair Loss Signs: How Will You Know If It Is Alopecia?

Hair loss manifests in various ways. Determining a hair loss problem without a doctor’s diagnosis isn’t easy-peasy, but you can spot it when something wrong is happening with your hair. There are various types of alopecia, but here are the five common signs of alopecia.

Sign # 1: Abrupt and excessive hair shedding

This sign is probably the most common yet the most neglected sign of hair loss problems. Yes, it is often neglected because it is normal for our hair to shed from time to time, as it is part of the hair growth cycle. People ordinarily shed 50-250 hair strands a day, which you won’t bother counting to say that you have a hair loss problem. However, when you notice an abrupt and excessive bunch of hair strands on your brushes and various surfaces, you may need to rethink your hair care habits and observe your hair for more possible hair loss signs.

Sign # 2: Thinning Hair on the Head

Alopecia does not happen abruptly; it can already show some manifestations during its early stages. However, alopecia makes your hair thinner, but it can begin in different areas on your head depending on the type of alopecia.

Sign # 3: Receding Hairline

Having fewer and thinner hair strands on the temples and the sides of your face is a primary indicator of a receding hairline common among aging people. Unluckily, if your hairline continues to recede, you might be suffering from total pattern baldness. Therefore, it is essential to have your hair condition checked if your hairline excessively recedes out of nowhere.

Sign # 4: Sparse Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Alopecia might not only happen on your pate, but it can also affect your eyebrows and eyelashes. If you have been filling in more gaps on your brows or applying mascara many times than you used to do, you may need to stop for a moment. These changes in your hair care habits can be signs of some serious hair growth issues.

Sign # 5: Hairless Spots

The fourth sign may appear in the later stages of Androgenetic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata, especially when the cause is left unidentified and untreated. Unfortunately, you might be suffering from total baldness if the widening of these small circular patches persist on the scalp.

What Should You Do If You Experience These Common Signs?

Experiencing a single symptom does not automatically mean you have alopecia. However, if you are suffering from more than one hair loss symptom, you should be alarmed. Take note of every sign’s frequency and duration and consult your doctor as soon as possible for early detection and treatment. After asking for medical advice, you may then buy and use shampoos, conditioners, and serums to stimulate and thicken hair growth.

Alopecia Is Not a Joke. Watch Out for Hair Loss Signs.

Hair loss is a serious condition, and turning a blind eye can lead to worse hair growth ramifications. You will not only lose a lot of hair strands, but you will also look a generation or even generations older. Hence, protect your crowning glory at all costs by observing the best hair care routine, living a healthy lifestyle, and using the best and safest hair growth products. If you do so, you will mitigate the chances of facing hair loss problems.

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