5 Ways to Refresh Your Home Office

5 Ways to Refresh Your Home Working Space

Revamping your home office space needn’t break the bank. And it can bring big benefits to your productivity and mental wellbeing. Working in a place you feel comfortable and secure helps improve the quality of your life, and it may even make you more money!

But while we often spend considerable time planning the décor and layout of our living rooms and kitchens, the office or study is neglected. It is a place where we spend much of our waking time, particularly if you are working primarily from home. More often we create a functional space with little consideration of how it makes us feel.

Is your home office due an upgrade? Improve comfort, style, and functionality with just a few simple tweaks. Take a look at our tips for creating a space you can’t wait to work in.

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1.Look Beneath Your Feet

Are you guilty of neglecting the floor of your home office space? A tired, old carpet is not ideal for inspiring productivity, and it could even be causing allergies. Revamp your room with a new wood floor. The best wood flooring offers classic elegance and style, with the added benefits of superior cushioning beneath your feet, scratch resistance, and a new hue to enhance the walls and furniture colours.

2. Create Inspiring Walls

Next, look around you. Don’t let the bare four walls crowd in on you and disturb your inner peace. Use your home office walls as a blank canvas for creating an inspiring space. Remove your whiteboards and pinboards and instead paint one side of the room in chalkboard paint. This creates a huge space for making notes and keeping your creativity in your eyeline.

3. Revamp with Reclaimed Items

You probably don’t want to spend a fortune updating your office space, but you do want to make it look uniquely yours. Your office must be functional, but you can bring your personality into the room by upcycling items such as pallets for shelves, or old doors to make the surface of a desk. Add some antique pieces or some quirky accessories. You could make a feature wall for your favourite art. All this will give people an insight into your style and personality, which is ideal when you are holding Zoom meetings.

4. Keep It Simple

Your office space should, above all, be functional and practical. Give ornate furnishings and fancy paintwork a miss and focus on clean lines and simplicity. Choose furniture with storage and simple profiles. Maintain a clear desk policy by having drawers for all your items. Create a minimalistic colour scheme that inspires calm productivity.

5. Don’t Forget the Details

Plants can make or break the success of your home working space. Studies show that greenery inside the home boosts productivity and improves your mental health. Plants also help purify the air and provide acoustic support for larger or echoey rooms. Bring nature indoors for a proven boost to creativity and calm.

One extra way to revamp your office space is to always keep it tidy. You know the phrase: a tidy desk equals a tidy mind! You may not be able to achieve this at all times, but with some clever storage and a redesign of your working space, you should feel much calmer and more clear-headed. Enhance your productivity with some simple adjustments to your working environment and you will soon see the benefit.

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