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6 Gift Ideas You Want to Consider for Your Smart Friend

We all have that one friend who has special dexterity when it comes to wit, humor, or academics. Beyond these types of intelligence, we also have that one friend who has exemplary skills in music, nature, visuals, and many more. Indeed, multiple intelligence is authentic and true.

Deny it or not, it seems like it is somehow complex and difficult to think what gift we must consider and present for our friends who have achieved and discovered their innermost potential in a particular field. And believe it or not, we do not need to be so expensive and impressive. The good thing about them is that they would truly appreciate your gift. Most especially when it is inclined to their specific type of intelligence. Now, let us discover what those gift ideas are. Dive into this blog for you to know more.

1. Wristwatch

A piece of a timepiece is indeed worth presenting to any of your friends as this gift is versatile, purposive, usable, and durable. Wristwatches are a great gift as they come in various styles and designs. They are also one of the most sought-after types of jewelry as they are not just fashion, but also for time checking, managing, and budgeting. What a dexterous idea indeed. But, take note that not all wristwatches are there for you to consider as some are not durable, authentic, certified, and safe. When it comes to a timepiece, you want to consider the cleverness, sophistication, authenticity, integrity, and durability, of course, for that one smart friend. 

All of these things, fortunately, could be seen in The Watch Company’s Nomos Watches line. They are manufactured by smart experts and wristwatch professionals, and designers, whose goal is to provide an outstanding and suitable wristwatch for all types of clients. What is ideal with this wristwatch is that it is a clash of dexterity, beauty, fashion, elegance, and decency. Choosing the wristwatch for your one excellent friend would be challenging yet by looking beyond the surfaces, you want that gift that will be used in all settings all the time. That is what the Nomos collections are all about.

2. Ukulele

For that friend who has outstanding talent and intelligence with music, you want to consider this instrument for its ideal sound projection and instrumental composition. Ukulele is versatile and portable, wherein music and tones could be easily made by this small, cute, and handy music instrument. What is ideal with the ukulele is that it makes everything great for it has a high sense of musicality for your friend’s taste and the circle of friendship’s unexpected jamming. A ukulele is also a great gift for your friend who has the potential with music as this instrument is a good stepping stone to develop inner talent and mold music intelligence in so many ways.

3. Arts Materials

For your friend who has spacious intelligence, a canvas, paintbrush, acrylic paints, stickers, and other types of art materials are a heartwarming gift. As visual artistry is a great talent and intelligence for your friend who has the special gift for visuals, these things are truly perfect. On the other hand, art materials are also a great gift for your friends who have an interest in arts and visual artistry and an outstanding gateway for the development of your friend’s visual intelligence. Truly an aesthetic and heartwarming gift.

4. Journal

We also have that one friend who is linguistically intelligent. For that one friend who has great and immense love for literature, poetry, words, eloquence, discourse, and languages, don’t waste the chance for you to give him or her a journal. You can also personalize journals, which will allow your friend to get creative with no limits. Since then, journals are a great way for us to express our thoughts, feelings, moments, and experiences when no one is there to listen to our talks. 

Remember how Anne Frank recorded the most important part of World War History in Germany and how it has hugely contributed to human and world history. Named Kitty, this journal or diary of Anne Frank has been the door for us to discover the experiences of a typical German family during these trying times and how Anne Frank had expressed her joy, scare, sadness, and optimism. As Anne Frank told Kitty that she wanted to be a journalist and author, her goals are now fulfilled as the Diary of Anne Frank was being published by his father, Otto Frank, wherein the diary now has thousands of copies around the world.

5. Chessboard

For that one friend who has a great sense of logic and mathematical intelligence, indeed a piece of an interactive and challenging game board is for him or her. A chessboard is a great logical game wherein the intelligence and strategy of the players are authentically assessed and challenged. What makes chessboard fun is that everything becomes a seemingly thrilling moment when nobody knows how everything would flow. It is all smart decision-making, and indeed a strategic perspective is an advantage. If you are thinking of a gift for that kind of friend, this is truly an ideal one.

6. Plants and Pets

Of course, don’t forget your naturalistic friend! That one friend who is biocentric and is truly nature-friendly, plants and pets are indeed a joyful present. What makes plants ideal for your friend who has a green thumb is that they could nurture and take care of these plants as they are into them. On the other hand, pets are also great as people who have a naturalistic intelligence are nurturing and caressing, aside from animals being part of nature. Indeed these things are great presents for them!

In A Nutshell

As our friends, and humans in general, have unique intelligence based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, we must discover them and appreciate their excellence in a particular field. Giving them something according to their wants is always a good idea. Make your friends feel special with these gifts! Have fun shopping!

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