Many people have asked whether online learning is comparable to traditional education, and the answer is yes. In most cases, online learning has even proven to be more effective than traditional education. In this article, we will list out 6 reasons why online education is more effective, and you might be surprised at these reasons.

1. Geography will not be a boundary

College education has become more accessible compared to the olden days, thanks to the rapid growth of technology. Just with good internet access and a good computer, you can stay wherever you are and get that quality education you desire.

You can find a lot of useful skills to learn that will bring success into your life in 2021

What we just said is not just an exaggeration as some highly prominent schools like Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, have all been offering non-credit, full online courses free of charge for many years through Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs). The study materials and professors that you will get in a physical/traditional university are the same as what you will get from the MOOCs.

Probably, it was unavoidable for schools to begin charging some particular fees for their online materials. The very 1st school to build a degree program that is based on MOOC is Georgia Tech in the year 2013. Then 2 years later, Illinois University followed suit. Now, there are over 30 traditional schools that are offering MOOC-based degrees. They partnered with companies like Udacity, Coursera, edX, and other tech-ed companies.

“There are more to online learning apart from MOOCs. Traditional and digital institutions are now mastering various online education options, offering more professor-to-student one-to-one interactions with small class sizes like. There are so many flourishing options for online learning. If you are not able to find what you want in a brick-and-mortar university, probably, you can find it online like the human services online classes.”

No matter what you want to study, online education will make it possible for you wherever you are.

2. There is more engagement in an online class compared to a classroom

A recent Forbes article mentions some important things about online learning. Now, researchers are studying the efficiency of classroom education and online learning to come up with an unbiased comparison. So far, they have come up with promising results on online learning.

A study was carried out in a University in California, where 2 groups of students were examined. The 2 groups include those who attended classes in a brick school and those that are learning online. They checked their performance and found out that the two sets fared equally. But, the study also made them know that online learning sessions offer more student-to-professor interaction and that the students are less intimidated when it comes to participating.

Additionally, the article also depicts that today’s students would be more pleased with the attention-grabbing and multimedia-format materials that are used in online classes.

Educators knew a long time ago that there are different ways people receive information, however, educational methods did not find it easy to adapt. So, if you notice that you are not always gaining more during classroom lectures because of how your eyes glaze, online education might prove to be more efficient for you.

3. Feedback is more frequent and faster

We cannot deny the fact that there more communication between students and educators in online learning.

Generally, in an online school, the professors give the students more-frequent assessments to complete so that they can easily monitor the competence of the students. This method makes learning gaps to be quickly identified and taken care of, rather than just leaving students like that without knowing how competent they are until it is time for their exams.

You should know that this is more than just getting GPAs. When you are paying a huge amount of money to learn, you will not want to sit at the back of the class without learning anything. You will want to make sure that you understand the whole materials that were used to teach you so that you can make use of them later in the future.

4. It is very cheap if you want to acquire your master’s or bachelor’s degree

The major difference between traditional and online schools is clearly the campus. If you are attending a traditional college, it is inevitable to spend so much on transportation and accommodation in one year. You may even spend thousands of dollars.

You will not make these expenses in an online college. This means that you can even save a lot of money at the end of the year.

5. Reduction in your student loan interests

Another thing that you will gain from learning online apart from escaping transportation and accommodation fee is the significant reduction in your costs.

When you are learning online, you will be regarded as a student that is working, whether full-time or part-time. Schooling and working may require that you collect less-student loans. 

This kind of loan means that the student will pay low loan interest. Considering the fact that a majority of students take about 15-20 years to complete their loan payment, you can see that it is a huge advantage as your total loan debt will drastically reduce. Your future will even be grateful to you.

6. You are in control of your schedule

Scheduling conflicts and absenteeism are not in the equation of online learning. It is true that some programs require that you participate in online lectures during certain periods. But the good news is that you can decide to archive the lectures to access them later.

Because of the flexibility of online learning, you can go through the material at your own pace. If you are the kind of person that wants to start using it to work very quickly, then online learning is great for you. It is also a nice option for people that are taking care of children or those that are working full-time.


As you have seen, there are a lot of advantages of online education. We expect that this option (online education) will continue to be popular. Very soon, people will see it as a normal way of learning.

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