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6 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look More Spacious

Your bedroom is the place where you rest after a long tiring day. It should be comfortable and relaxing, so it will be easier for you to get a good night sleep. A small bedroom may give you limited options when it comes to designing or decorating. However, there are clever ways to make it look more spacious than it is, thus also giving it a more comfy feel.

Use fitted bedroom

You need to maximise every inch and corner of a small bedroom. A fitted bedroom will ensure this. It will be made to fit your space, so you can be sure that you will have the perfect size that you like. You will find different styles and colours at myfittedbedroom.com. The manufacturer will work closely with you to get the correct size and the ideal design that will suit you.

Repaint with neutral colour

Go for light or neutral colours for your bedroom like white, beige, and light grey. These colours absorb light, making the room look bigger than it is. Dark colours make the room appear smaller. Also, the former gives a more relaxing ambience, which is what you are after for your bedroom. It doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to add colours to your room. If you love colours, go subtle by choosing a few bright coloured items, like art to hang on the wall or a couple of throw pillows with your favourite shade. It will give you the touch of colour that you want, while still keeping the calming vibe of the bedroom.

Accentuate the wall with mirrors

Mirrors are known to give the illusion of space in any area. Most homeowners use mirrors in their living room to make it look bigger. You can do the same with your bedroom. Place a large mirror on your bedroom wall. You may also put together regular-sized mirrors to create a big one if you want a unique style.

Get more natural light

The more natural light you have in your bedroom, the better since it will make the space roomier. Go for bigger windows to get more sunlight as possible. Use light curtains or blinds for privacy, or if you want it dimmer when you wish to sleep.

Store things under the bed

Storage is your friend when it comes to small spaces. Take advantage of every area where you can store things like space under your bed. Build drawers that you can easily pull out. Another option is to get containers like storage boxes that will fit under the bed. Go for ones with wheels for easy access.

Make use of the walls

Art decors and mirrors are not the only things that you can hang on the wall. Instead of using a nightstand for your night lamp, which will take up space, go for sconces. These are light fixtures that you install on walls. Install shelves for added storage too.

Besides the tips above, it’s vital to keep your bedroom organised and clean because a messy room can make it look busy and tight.

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