7 Best Geometry Courses at Online Educational Platforms

Studying geometry is uneasy only for those who don’t benefit from the modern e-learning approach. Every student today has the opportunity to enroll in the best courses online almost for free and significantly boost their knowledge. Don’t miss a chance to join the best tutors and specialists! It is nothing wrong if you even ask for advice on, “how can I do my geometry homework better?” At these seven lucky geometry courses, you can get all your questions answered.

1. Become a Geometry Master

Platform: Udemy

Cost: $14.99

Duration: 8 hours self-paced

Certificate: yes

If you are comfortable with arithmetic but can’t solve many geometry tasks, welcome to the Krista King course. Here you will get covered on such topics as lines, angles, Pythagorean theorem, figures (circles, triangles), congruence, and many more. Refresh your understanding of geometry class with on-demand videos and engaging quizzes. It doesn’t matter how long you haven’t read the manual on this discipline. With 90 articles, 154 downloadable resources, and full lifetime access, you will have no chance to forget geometry again!


2. Introduction to Geometry

Platform: edX

Cost: free

Duration: 14 weeks self-paced

Certificate: on demand for $50

A student who needs to get a new start on geometry can find this course extremely useful. Remind yourself on how to measure angles with the help of determining rules when angles are congruent. Moreover, you will be able to count the volumes and surface areas of three-dimensional solids. Six incredible instructors will lead you to a higher level of geometry skills. Enroll today and have three months of access to lessons for free or pay $50 and get unlimited learning time with extra support during the course.   

3. Get Ready for Geometry

Platform: Khan Academy

Cost: free

Duration: self-paced

This is the pre-course of the High School Geometry program, where you can remind yourself of discipline fundamentals. With free access to course material, any student can start a course challenge. Solving proportions, exploring scale copies, practicing in drawings, and passing quizzes on each topic can help you memorize better and perform unit tests. Once Khan Academy is a non-profit organization, you can donate to your course and enjoy learning various geometrical concepts through creative visuals and diagrams. 

4. Computational Geometry

Platform: Coursera

Cost: free

Duration: 20 hours/ 5 weeks

Certificate: yes, paid $49

 If you want to earn a certificate, you can purchase a course for $49 to showcase your new skills. Also, you can audit only and access geometry course materials except for graded items. Set a weekly goal to have higher chances not to delay and complete the course in time. Remember, in a free version, you have only five weeks to pass through all the video, text, and quiz materials. 

5. Geometry Online Course

Platform: Thinkwell

Cost: $125.00

Duration: 20 hours self-paced

Certificate: yes

Those students who need a home-school instructor can benefit from this geometry course. Despite its high cost, this program with illustrated notes, worksheets, and answer keys is highly effective for those who rapidly improve their geometry knowledge. Professor Edward Burger will help you to understand basic concepts so you can solve complex tasks. With 5–7 minute geometry lesson videos, you will never get bored, and automatically graded quizzes and tests will help you memorize the material. 

6. Geometry: High School


Cost: free

Duration: 145 lessons, 8 minutes each

Certificate: yes

This course might be your favorite due to free access to lessons and certificate eligibility. We recommend you to be attentively passing each topic because later on, you can earn credit by exam that over 1,500 universities and colleges accept. This course covers such topics as logic in math, geometry foundations, theorems, triangles properties, and more. Remind yourself of geometric figures, probability, analytical geometry, and other high school geometry subdisciplines. 

7. Master Geometry: Full Curriculum with Practice

Platform: Udemy

Cost: $13.99

Duration: 7.5 hours self-paced

Certificate: yes

Get ready for an unforgettable geometry journey to many topics, including mathematical logic, geometric proofs, triangles, and angles. Master Geometry Course includes over 50 lectures introducing students to practical videos and quizzes that insist on examples following almost every new topic. This course can be split into a few key elements: congruence, similarity, tangents, secants, chords, along with their formulas for circles, and geometric proofs with mathematical logic.


Geometry is a priceless discipline if you work in building and engineering, computing graphics, and interior design. Joining one of these courses or passing them all alternately will help you understand the knowledge level and see the room for improvement. Compare each course and select the one best matching your financial and educational needs. There is no need to visit classes if you need to study geometry. Take a chance to upgrade your skills to get advancement in your job position. 

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