A Guide On How to Unlock, Lock, and Add A Watermark to PDFs

There are several reasons why you need to use a web-based tool in altering your file format. One of these reasons is that it makes your job as easy as possible. However, it would be best if you were extra careful with the tools that you are using. Some of them have complicated steps and are not secure.

One of the most reliable web-based tools for modifying your PDF file is GogoPDF. You can lock, unlock, and add a watermark to your PDF using this tool. Check these out for this article will discuss how to lock, unlock, and add watermark to your PDF file:

How To Unlock A Password-Protected PDF File

People tend to encrypt a password to their important PDF file because other people or unaccredited people will not gain access to it. However, you may forget each of these files’ passwords, especially if you have not opened them in a while. You will surely have a hard time remembering the password.

But there is a simple way out that you can try. You can try to use GogoPDF’s Unlock PDF file tool. Unlocking a password-protected PDF file might sound complicated. But using this tool, you will not have to worry since all the steps are straightforward. This tool is also comfortable to use. Even a beginner can surely follow. 

The initial step is to select a password-encrypted PDF file from your device. After choosing a file, place it in their system. Once your file is in the system, GogoPDF will analyze and decrypt your password-encrypted PDF file. It takes a minute or less to decrypt your file. Wait until it’s done. 

After all the procedures, you may start downloading your newly decrypted PDF file. GogoPDF has made it a lot easier for its users. Who would have thought that unlocking a PDF file can be this easy? Thanks to GogoPDF! 

How To Encrypt A Password To A PDF File

Almost everyone experienced unauthorized access to their social media and webmail account. The result of unauthorized access could include the loss of your confidential information that can be used to scam other people using your personal information. You don’t want that for sure.

Similarly, if you have confidential information files, you don’t want anyone to have access to it. To add protection to your PDF file, you must encrypt a password to it. Encrypting a password may sound complicated. Luckily, GogoPDF offers to lock your PDF file using the easiest steps. 

In encrypting a password, the first thing you have to do is select a PDF file and place it in their system. After that, you can now put your desired password. In typing the password, you must follow specific guidelines in doing it. It must include an alpha-numeric case along with a mixture of upper and lower cases. 

Once done, GogoPDF will analyze and encrypt a password to your PDF file. Encrypting a password might take a minute or more, depending on the strength of your internet connection. After that, you can start downloading your newly encrypted PDF file to your device or webmail account! 

Locking a PDF has never been this easy. As stated above, GogoPDF has the best possible method of modifying your PDF file. Even if you are new to using web-based tools, you can surely follow the steps provided! 

Adding A Watermark To Your PDF File

Once you place your files on the internet or social media, you cannot have full ownership of that file. Some people might take your file as their own. The best option for you to do is protect your file’s information and create something that makes you the first and only owner of that file. To do so, you must place a watermark on your PDF file.

GogoPDF has the best tool for placing a watermark on your PDF file. The first thing you need to do is select a file and put it in their system. Type a text or grab an image that you will use as a watermark. After that, GogoPDF will start processing your watermark. Once done, you can start downloading it. You now freely post your file in your social media account! 


GogoPDF can protect, unlock, and add watermarks to your PDF files quickly and hassle-free. They also have other features available once you visit their website. You can also avail of their free trial! We hope this article helps you out with your document needs.

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