Advantages and disadvantages of playing football on health

Many parents worry about the health of their people when they develop the desire to play football. Are these worries justified? There is indeed a risk of injury while playing football, but at the same time the sport has many positive effects on the health of people. It lifts your mood, has a beneficial effect on depression and lowers the level of stress. This is necessary in our hectic times and lowers the risk of suffering from stress-related illness. Moreover, everyone can find a sport that they enjoy and that is tailored to their physical performance.

In addition to minor sports injuries, which particularly affect the muscles and ligaments, the joints and spine are also heavily stressed in what is now the most popular sport worldwide. The jerky stopping and varied turning movements often lead to over-bending and over-stretching.

Back pain and poor posture are even more common today, however, due to a lack of exercise, often associated with the ever increasing media consumption among people and adolescents. Movement is an important prerequisite for the physical development of people, so sitting motionless in front of the PC, television or mobile phone is not particularly beneficial for health.
The consequences can be devastating. In addition to postural problems, persistent back problems or severe obesity can already make themselves felt in people and adolescents.

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Football games for physical performance

Parents and people should not be put off too much by possible injuries when playing football, as the benefits clearly outweigh the positive health aspects!

In order to build muscles, people do not need specific strength training; this happens automatically when playing football. The muscles are stressed in a variety of ways and in different ways. The legs are trained while running, shooting and stopping and the upper body ensures that it remains stable during the “maneuvers”.

It is also particularly important for people to be outdoors when playing football. Our bodies make vitamin D from sunlight that gets on our skin. Vitamin D in turn leads to a strong skeleton, which has a positive effect on people’s development, especially at a young age. A strong skeleton also helps prevent many other injuries.

Fitness is of course also trained in football. The people are in constant motion during play and training. You sprint, run and have to change direction quickly. Good fitness values ​​prevent cardiovascular diseases, among other things, and motor skills are also learned at the same time. In addition, the high proportion of endurance training successfully prevents today’s common diseases such as overweight and obesity.

It is always advisable to train as holistically as possible and exercises for mobility, coordination and athletics should also be a regular part of training. As in osteopathy, it is important not only to look at individual areas in sport, but to train the entire body.

In addition, the social component of a team sport can make a lasting positive contribution to the well-being and health of people.

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