Advantages of Mobile Batching Plants

Having to transport ready-mix concrete from an off-site batching plant could be costly in transportation and time. These days, companies prefer to have concrete batching plants on site to increase productivity and reach schedules. Here are some of the advantages of investing or renting a mobile batching plant for your project:

1.It has the same functions as an actual batching plant

Mobile batching plants work as well as actual batching plants but only on a smaller scale. You can get the same quality of cement for less since you will not have to pay for delivery. Also, there’s no need to worry about getting a bad concrete batch since you can control the specification of the mix you want to produce yourself.

2. Lessens chances of delays

Delays in concrete delivery are a common dilemma in construction projects, caused mainly by traffic or unprecedented situations such as mixer breakdowns. By having your batching plant on site, the chances of delays due to concrete delivery could be eliminated. Eliminating delivery delays means greater productivity and fewer overhead costs due to labor overtime. Also, you won’t have to waste time waiting for concrete delivery, which invests even better.

3. Easy to use and high performance 

Many years ago, contractors still opted to procure concrete from stationary batching plants because of their fear that if mixing is done in a mobile batching plant, the mix’s quality may be compromised. The mixing process is too complicated and time-consuming. But with today’s technology, these portable plants could be operated with just a push on a button as long as all components of the mix are available. Through years of testing, mobile batching plants are proven to be at par with stationary plants even when placed in different environments.

4.Easy to transport and set up

Especially if the project site is in a remote area, delivery of concrete could be costly. In cases like this, it’s best to set up your mobile batching plant on-site, so you’ll only have to pay for the equipment’s transportation to and from the site. The whole setup of the machine can be assembled with a minimum number of workforce and can be fully functional in hours. If relocation is called for, it is also straightforward to disassemble and move, especially since some models even have wheels.

5. It does not require ample space.

Mobile concrete batching plants come in different sizes, depending on what you need or prefer. Some models are only as big as a mixer truck, so it does not require much space to have one on-site. Since the machine only uses a small portion of your working area, there will be a lot of room left to work with.

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So… should you invest in a Mobile Batching Plant?

The answer is YES! There is no question whether a mobile batching plant is a significant investment, but it is a win-win decision. By having your own, you can decrease your construction costs drastically, and just like any construction machinery, you can rent it out to other companies if you do not need it. Not only will you decrease your project costs, but you may also profit from it during its idle periods.

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