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Apex Legends is an unrestricted combat game created by Respawn Entertainment and distributed by Electronic Arts. The game, which was released in February 2019, is compatible with a variety of platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Apex Legends was later released for the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

According to the decorations, ports for iOS and Android will be available by 2022. Apex Legends is a cross-platform game, which is just another reason why players like it so much. If you want to explore more gaming review articles you should visit gaming beasts. Continue reading to learn more about the Apex legend game.

What is the Story of Apex Legends?

Players in Apex Legends must traverse desolate islands in order to obtain supplies, resources, and weaponry before engaging in battle with other teams on the island. Each squad consists of at least two or three persons. Approximately 20 such units fight hard engagements in each clash. With the passage of time, the island’s explorable area shrinks, reducing the number of options for evading attacks. If a player leaves the restricted region, their game is over. The level is won by the last team standing. Apex Legends is set in a fictitious scientific world similar to that of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

It garnered great reviews from both gamers and reviewers at its first release. In the first week of its release, the game received over 24 million downloads! It had topped 50 million downloads by the end of the first month. You can download from According to stats, the game has over 70 million players as of October 2019.

Gameplay of Apex Legend

In this game, players take on the role of pre-made monsters known as legends. In an online multiplayer mode, they play in groups of two or three. Later, other modes were developed to enable participants to play alone. Players may also form two-player teams. The game is completely free to play. To advance in the game, players must spend money and open treasure boxes. As a result, the game allows players to spend both real money and in-game currency on purchasing or swapping materials and objects such as clothes, guns, new accessories, and so on.

Typically, 20 to 30 groups battle against one another in each engagement. Gamers may team up with random players or invite their friends to join them. There seem to be a total of 16 playable characters in the game. Before arriving on an island, players must choose any one of them. However, two players from the same team cannot choose the same character. Each character has an own look, design, talents, and capabilities. As a result, various players have distinct playing styles. All of this adds to the game’s variety, making it more fascinating. Players are put on an aero plane that flies across the game map after each team is complete. The map’s aerial perspective is stunning. Every team has one player who chooses where to leap. Players must leap out of the plane at any moment throughout the flight. The game, on the other hand, enables players to disconnect from their group while playing.

When the squad landed, the players may search for guns, armor, and other necessary goods. They may look for items in buildings, containers, or jungles. While gathering supplies, they must also keep a look out for hostile squads. The game has a ping system, which is a nonverbal means of communication. It enables players to communicate with their team with the use of a gaming controller.

The Safe zone will gradually reduce in size. Players that are distant from the safe zone must go to the restricted region within a certain amount of time. They would perish if they were not within the zone. If you stay beyond the safe zone for an extended period of time, your health begins to suffer. This safe zone limit pulls teams closer, making fighting fiercer and more compelling. The last team standing wins. Every player receives awards and in-game currency based on the success of your squad and the number of kills. Several customizing choices and weaponry are also accessible. Even if a player dies during the game, he or she may be revived if their teammates retrieve their respawn flag within the time limit.

Features of Apex Legends

Legendary heroes engage in dramatic, engrossing combat with opposing units in this game. They are gifted individuals that strive for fame and money. Lead a ferocious squad of legends, apply tactical plans, and experiment with various playstyles. Level up your royal experience as much as possible to get wonderful gifts! Let’s have a look at the key features of Apex Legends.

A Roster of Legendary Characters

There are 16 formidable characters from which to pick. Each character has various characteristics, talents, and playing styles. The powers may be appealing, but they are tough to master.

Build Your Crew

The game enables users to establish teams of up to three players. They may govern and direct them, as well as provide all required information.

The game was generally lauded for its intensive combat mechanics and communication possibilities. Click Here to explore review section of gaming articles from gaming beasts. Gamers and reviewers have generally regarded it as a game worth playing. The gunplay has been described as “among the greatest” that players have seen in a battle royale thus far. Several prizes and nominations have been well-deservedly bestowed onto the game. It received the Japan Game Awards for Excellence as well as the Golden Joystick Awards for Best Multiplayer Game in 2019. It also earned the best Online Game of the Year award at the 23rd Annual D.I.C.E. Awards.

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