Architecting the Family: TOGAF® & Major IT Frameworks

laws and regulations, also as technology. Corporate strategy should guide organizations in their go after growth, but is in practice only partially successful. Organizations find it difficult to form strategic decisions and cling to them. Also, there’s an enormous gap between corporate strategy and therefore the daily operations of a corporation. The strategy reaches employees within the organization. However, it’s often not clear to them the how it affects their own work. Enterprise architecture provides instruments to form the strategy more concrete, construct a more detailed plan and govern the implementation of it. It translates strategic goals and core values into principles that express the elemental qualities that are needed. Roadmaps and high-level designs are required to form clear the direction during which a corporation must go. First, a roadmap must be created. A roadmap shows the large picture on a CIO level. Topics mentioned within the roadmap would require their own high-level design. A high-level design may be a succession of roadmaps. A high-level design of the required changes is usually constructed, including an impression analysis on all relevant aspects of the organization, which make the changes more concrete. Many changes in organizations even have an impression on information technology (IT), and managing the execution of the company strategy is particularly relevant during this area. In practice, tons of IT development, procurement and implementation aren’t aligned with what the organization really needs. there’s a niche between the business demand and IT supply. it’s no surprise that it’s been attention area of enterprise architecture. What makes IT a much bigger challenge is that a highly detailed specification of changes is required for it to figure. An ambiguous specification can cause an incompatible solution. Enterprise architecture, therefore, strives to get rid of ambiguities from the company strategy and therefore the business goals that require to be supported. It aims to supply insight into the processes and systems that are impacted, and therefore the technology that’s involved. It ensures that the proper technical solutions, applications and infrastructure are put

Organizations need a concerted approach to vary. this is often where enterprise architecture and TOGAF Certification comes in. Enterprise architecture is at the guts of change, providing a group of tools and techniques that make the strategy concrete, showing employees what’s really expected from them and guiding the required changes. Alignment of enterprise architecture with other processes is important to make sure successful change. Frameworks like TOGAF®, PRINCE2®, ITIL® and COBIT® provide guidance in identifying and executing the relevant processes. TOGAF is that the best-practice framework for enterprise architecture, consisting of a step-by-step development method and a group of guidelines. the opposite frameworks address project management, IT service management and governance. This paper provides a summary of enterprise architecture and TOGAF, and the way they relate to COBIT, PRINCE2 and

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It gives you all the tools to pass the exam. You’ll learn the process-oriented approach for architecture development and the way to supply strategic context thereto projects allowing you to form successful operational plans and informed business decisions. As a TOGAF certified professional, you’ll act as a “simplifier” who can uncomplicate complex technical processes. The framework provides a typical architecture development process and customary definitions of components and deliverables needed to architect anenterprise.

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Togaf Course You must pass both TOGAF 9 level 1 (Foundation) and level 2 (Certification) exams to become TOGAF 9 certified. An exam voucher is going to be provided to you with the course, and you’ll take the exam at your convenience from any of the closest Open Group Pearson

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