Auspicious plants of Thailand

About Thailand`s Plants 

Thailand`s geography is very diverse. Rainforests, mountains, beaches, urban areas – Thailand has it all. The country has a wet, tropical climate, which makes it ideal for growing all kinds of plants and trees. Some of the plant life is endangered and unique, so the country is working on many preservation projects for protecting its unique endangered species. 

Thailand has nearly thirty thousand species of plants, ranging from small flowers to large trees. The country is also very well-known for its orchids, as there are thousands of different species that grow in the country. Lotus flower and red Poinsettia are also seen everywhere in the country. The lotus flower is commonly associated with Buddhism and is a symbol of purity and peace. Red Poinsettia has a lovely color that makes winter and colder months more beautiful. 

Popular Plants Native To Thailand 

The Bat flower is very popular and unique in Thailand. It has a dark color and reminds of a bat shape, hence its interesting name. This plant blooms in the early autumn months and is usually found in more humid areas. 

Frangipani is another favorable plant native of Thailand. Also known as Lantom, this flower is used in many religious rituals. It grows on trees, and the flowers can be pink or yellow, and sometimes white. Frangipani is a beautiful tropical plant that needs plenty of sun and lots of water. 

Ratchaphruek also referred to as the Golden Shower, is Thailand`s national flower. It has beautiful yellow leaves and it grows in many clusters. This flower is widespread all over Thailand, even on roadsides. 

Orchids are also commonly seen in Thailand, coming in a variety of species. There are all kinds of shapes and colors you can imagine. They grow fast on any terrain and under any climate. Orchids are well adapted to Thailand`s climate and can be even found on mountains, rocky areas, and in deep rainforests. 

Thailand – Home Of Amazing Plants 

Diversity and amazing variety make Thailand a special country when it comes to plants. Numerous plants have adapted to the country`s interesting landscape, attracting many types of pollinating insects. Some of Thailand`s native plants have very vivid colors and extraordinary shapes that attract animals, while others have shapes that repel animals. Some plants also have specific smells and shapes that protect them from unwanted predators. 

Truth is that Thailand is a home of many unique plants that only grow in this country and nowhere else. The smells and colors are amazing, which is why many tourists travel to different areas to admire such plants. The country`s landscape is very interesting and diverse. The best way to see all the wonderful plants is to explore the country as much as possible. You will certainly find something extraordinary that you will love. Many plants are protected, but some can be purchased or taken too. Explore Thailand and its native plants, and you will be amazed by the sights and smells which cannot be experienced anywhere else. 

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