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Finding space for all of your things is becoming an increasingly difficult job for home-owners with limited means – so why not check out these handy and space-saving bedroom storage solutions!

These days few people can afford to move into a new property simply to accommodate their growing number of personal belongings. Not only is the housing market proving particularly tricky in this time of economic hardship, but the fact is that you might already have all the space you need – you just don’t know it yet. 

With clothes, toys and small household items strewn all over the floor, it’s easy to see why home-owners believe that they simply don’t have anywhere to put things on a day-to-day basis – but in actual fact that’s rarely the case. With a couple of neat and handy storage solutions, you could see your home cleared and clean as a whistle in a matter of days – it just all depends on what sort of storage you need.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

  • To start with, there are numerous ways you can help out with kids bedroom storage; toy boxes, rubber bins and other bedroom storage baskets can help them clear away clutter and toys at the end of the day, while stationery drawers and pen-pots also act as great little additions to a child’s personal living space.
  • Washing baskets and/or bespoke laundry pouches are increasingly popular items of bedroom storage furniture which help to keep your dirty clothes out of sight and in a single, isolated spot, where they can be easily reached come wash-day.
  • Hanging shelves also act as great space savers in existing double wardrobes, helping you to store things like gloves, socks, underwear, and hats and scarves neatly and separate from all your other items of clothing.
  • Interior headboards – a relatively new invention whereby you can pull out the headboard like a vertically placed drawer – also work as an exciting alternative to your usual sideboard or dressing table, allowing you to shelve everything from glasses of water to alarm clocks during the night; but then close the contraption so it’s out of sight during the day!
  • If you think opening up your headboard sounds a little tricky, then you can also opt for overhead bedroom storage instead. This often involves expanding the space above a wardrobe or headboard directly into the plaster wall, where you can then store ornaments, winter clothes or any other kind of bulky household items you don’t need all year round.
  • Under-the-bed units, whether installed as part of the main bed frame (usually in the way of pull-out drawers) or as neat box units added on afterwards, are one of the most popular modern bedroom storage solutions that amateur painters also use to store their painting supplies. These bedroom storage units help you keep untidy clutter, bulky objects or important files out of sight but safe and secure – so you can always get back to them when you need them.

Large Bedroom Storage Ideas

  • Many household furniture retailers and/or manufacturers offer a huge range of bedroom storage chests, wardrobes and bedroom storage cabinets for you to choose from. Whether you want neat wooden designs, sturdy sets of drawers, flat-pack furniture or painted, bespoke storage solutions that are tailored to match your existing traditional ways of keeping your clothes and personal belongings safe and out of the way never go out of fashion.
  • Bedroom wall-storage units are a great alternative to ordinary wardrobes. Not only do they look neat and minimalist compared to those usually bulky pieces of furniture, but they can often be installed in a matter of days – with little disruption to your existing bedroom layout.
  • Walk-in-wardrobes also make great space savers if you don’t mind giving up your en-suite bathroom. They can be split into a ‘his-and-hers’ style frame, ensuring both you and your partner get the most of the extra space available; or else reserved exclusively for one member of the household, with chests of drawers, tall mirrors and even personalised dressing tables fitted according to your needs.

Whatever your bedroom storage needs, there’s something for every kind of bedroom out there. Just make sure you have enough room for your new furniture before making any purchases; and don’t pay contractors to carry out any work before they conduct a preliminary survey of your property to ensure it can accommodate any structural changes (such as for walk-in wardrobes etc). Before you know it, you’ll have all the storage space you need – a neat, spacious bedroom which keeps everything messy or untidy completely out of sight!

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