Common Signs and Symptoms of Covid 19 

Corona Virus is a virus that affects the respiratory system specifically the lungs. When someone gets the virus, it first goes to the lungs where it causes inflammation of the airway leading to hypersecretion of fluid and excess mucus. This means gaseous exchange is impaired making the person to have difficulty in breathing in a bid to compensate for the deficit. As the shortage of oxygen to the tissues increases, the body starts turning blue a clear indication of cyanosis. This is why most patients of covid 19 are put under oxygen to ensure they don’t incur a deficit. In most Facedrive News, there has been information on how to reduce transmission. Here are the signs that show you might be infected. 

Generalized Fever with Dry Cough 

The first thing you will feel is some mild or low grade fever in your body that shows you have an infection. This is because the virus has entered your blood stream and your immune system is trying to fight it by forming antibodies. Dry cough is as a result of the virus irritating your airway tract meaning that pathogenicity is increasing every hour. These symptoms get worse as the virus replicate and the virus keep increasing in the blood.

Difficulty in Breathing and Tiredness 

As the inflammation of the airway increases, gaseous exchange is compromised. Your tissues are not getting enough oxygen so they cannot carryout metabolic functions to keep your body in a good condition. Owing to the oxygen deprivation, the body feels weak and you continue feeling like always resting on bed. You get activity intolerance as everything you do looks tiresome. As the airway continues being inflamed, inhalation becomes impaired thereby making you to have a complete difficulty in breathing. This is why people are put under oxygen while at the same time secretions are suctioned out. 

Other Symptoms That Are Common 

On the above symptoms, you should expect to feel some chest pains are you strain to breath on reduced lung volume. In some cases, diarrhea is reported and this is due to alteration in the absorption capability of the large intestine. The person could end up dehydrated if you don’t take early precautions to administer fluids. Headache and conjunctivitis are among the most symptoms especially to the elderly who get the disease. You need to make sure you visit the hospital early enough if you depict these symptoms. 


Corona Virus is real and it affects people in different devastating ways. The people who have little chances of survival are the elderly and immunocompromised who have no strong immunity to fight the virus. The worst of all is that there is no medication, the disease is self-limiting and the only thing doctors do is to treat symptoms and offer supportive treatment until the condition regresses on its. A typical covid infection takes around 21 days to be completely cleared from the system. During this time, the chief intervention is to make sure the airway remains patent and oxygen supply to the tissues is made at 100% saturation. 

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