Compensation can be awarded to victims of accidents in public places

For all your losses due to an accident, you can be eligible for compensation. Under the personal injury laws, your physical incapacity, financial loss and emotional pain can be recovered. Depending on the degree of your injuries and your mental sufferings, the extent of the compensation can be broader. As accidents can occur anywhere regardless of time and occasion, the laws expect every civilian to be responsible for their own wellbeing to decrease the impact of the accident on your physical condition. Once you take sufficient care of your health, if you ever sustain an injury due to someone else, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Lack of personal care can only decrease the amount of compensation that is to be paid.

Negligence in accidents and obvious risk factor

The obvious risk is a term used for the risk in an activity that a reasonable person would be aware of. This means, performing a similar activity has a chance to end up with an adverse conclusion. Playing with fire, jumping from heights, hill climbing and fishing when the weather conditions aren’t suitable are just a few examples of many risk-involving activities. A similar method of thinking applies to personal injury claims. In traffic, if you disobey the speed limits and drive above reasonable speed levels, the chances of having a crash increase. This is a fact that is being accepted universally. If you ever get involved in a motor vehicle accident in a similar situation, you can be found guilty. However, depending on what state and territory you live in, you can still receive third-party insurance compensation to recover your loss. In another scenario where another driver disobeys traffic rules and hits you, you are obviously faultless. However, in this case, if you fail to take reasonable personal care, the amount of compensation you may receive is likely to be less. This is because wearing a seatbelt is your duty to yourself in the traffic. You can still claim compensation but your contribution to the severity of your injuries will make an impact on the insurance payout.

Accidents in places that are accessible by the public and post-accident loss

Just as you have duties for your own wellbeing, in public places –including workplaces- others also owe you the same duty. In a restaurant, the duty owed to you is your safety and healthiness. If a shattered glass suddenly falls and cuts your skin, the business will be liable for your injuries. The same applies to the quality of the product served to you. Especially in the food sector, contaminated food can result in harm that cannot be underestimated. The service provided to you can be different. As an example, in a concert venue or a nightclub, the service is entertainment. If you slip, fall and break your arm after stepping on an invisible slippery floor, this means the business’s duty is breached. Or in more sensitive matters such as the duties in educational institutions where children are found, lack of supervision can also be a breach of duty.

Injuries due to work-related accidents are compensable regardless of fault

Sometimes accidents can be inevitable due to the nature of humans. Lack of attention for a second can lead to an accident and the results can be harsh. Regarding this fact, workers compensation is based on the no-fault scheme. However, things can be more difficult for the employer if the cause of the accident is the employer’s negligence. In this situation, the injured worker can rightfully sue the employer. For work-related injuries, the victims may be eligible for workers compensation. Which includes payments for injured worker’s lack of income, earning capacity, medical expenses, and many other forms of loss.

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