Difference Between WOW TBC Classic and Original TBC: What Changes?

The Burning Crusade allows players to restart your journey and explore the original game again. While the expansion will not be the same as the original WOW TBC, there are a number of changes included in the current version. What changes from original TBC?

Difference Between WOW TBC Classic and Original TBC

Whenever players argue about the best expansion of World of Warcraft ever, The Burning Crusade is always on the list. Originally released in early 2007, TBC adopted the initial success formula and improved it in almost all aspects. Considering its great success, Blizzard announced the release of TBC. Players can buy WoW Classic gold to make certain parts of the game easier. But is this new version of TBC the same as the original one?

1. Flight function

In the original TBC, everyone can’t fly. The trumpet can only run on two legs in the early stage. Many of the shared mission maps of the two camps often break out wars, which are perennial scuffles, evolving from a conflict between one or two people into a war between dozens and hundreds of people. The reason is very simple, is to see the Alliance bullying their own people! Now with the addition of the flight system, slaughtering has become a joke. In the old version of slaughtering, both sides fight for wisdom and courage. All kinds of mages open the door to confuse each other. Just guessing which city to slaughter is a kind of knowledge. Now the slaughtering is to see whose computer is better. The people of the two regiments stab into the king’s room. They are bloodthirsty and open it. No one gets stuck. They don’t know where they are, and they don’t know how the king died.

2. Leveling system

Nowadays, there are too many fast food companies to upgrade. Most of them upgrade in the main city without going out. What’s more, they can reach the full level by playing with small pets. The player that disrelish trouble also can do, save a lot of time. Each map has its own main line, and many missions tell stories to the players. The monsters in the nostalgic clothes are much more difficult to fight than they are now. Many players can only form teams to do tasks, while the running map and running copy are troublesome, but it makes the players communicate more deeply. In the past, each copy had its own way of playing, and it was always dead and alive. However, in failure after failure, we could make real friends. At that time, World of Warcraft was really simple, and there were many good friends who loved the game.

3. Talent system

In the past 14 years, the World of Warcraft has changed most in terms of skills and talents of different classes. The versions are constantly updated, but the skills of different classes are becoming simpler and simpler. In the nostalgic clothing or the old version, there are many combinations of players’ talent alone. At that time, most of the players only played one number. On the one hand, it’s more difficult to improve one’s career. Take hunters as an example. Hunters who play well are really sharp. All kinds of black technology operations are the research objects of hunters. Now a lot of skills with professional characteristics have been deleted, such as the three postures of soldiers, the interference of knights, and so on. Shaman is not the only one who can open bloodthirsty, and battle recovery is not the exclusive of Xiaode. The simplification of career does not necessarily bring good career experience.

4. More changes

– TBC allows players to create Blood Elf and Draenei characters before the launch of expansion, which makes players have time to level the character faster.

– Players are more good at the WOW TBC gold farming than the original Burning Crusade, the overall game economy is different. There are lots of reasons, including but not limited to the WOW gold TBC making guide.

– TBC Classic will roll out in phases, it includes accessing most of the extended content all at once are inaccessible, without spending hundreds of hours to complete various tuning requirements. A total of 5 phases in TBC, or 6 if you want to include the pre-patch.

– In TBC Classic, Arena teams will no longer allow the same number of players as the team level, which means that 3v3 teams can now have more players on the roster.

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