All around the world, from EU to UK and down to USA, getting research chemicals are not usually easy to come by because laws often prohibit their sale. Getting to buy 2-FMA can be easily done. This was hindered by factors including;

  • Some of those chemicals have restrictions placed on their sales and distributions for their potential hazardous nature
  • It is very difficult to ascertain the authenticity of the purchased chemicals.
  • How to purchase and move these chemicals hassle free.

These and more limit their purchase. As technology grew however, different online shops emerged (with reputations and legal backing) that enables them to sell and ship things like party pills, legal powder and various other research chemicals.

All that is required of you to do is to place your order or make your purchase which can be done with credit card from your desired vendor. Some even accept payments from PayPal.

Before opting for bath salts buy especially if you are to buy in bulk, it will be safe to request for sample from the research chemicals supplier. Purchasing in bulk will fetch you some discounts and you can become a wholesale merchant of research chemicals in your area if it is legal. All you have to do is to erect a billboard which reads research chemicals for sale.

PV9 is an analog of α- pyrrolidinopentiophenone that has its pentyl chain elongated by three carbons. 4-methoxy PV9 is different from PV9 by having a methoxy group at the four carbons, or para-position of the phenyl group. It is specially designed for forensic and research applications and not for human consumption because the physiological and toxicological properties are not known.

PV8 (which has a common name hydrochloride) on the other hand is a derivative of the regulated psychoactive compound α- pyrrolidinopentiophenone (hydrochloride). It’s physiological and toxicological properties is also not known and therefore its usage is strictly restricted to forensics and research.

Because both pv8 and pv9 are restricted substances, it may not be easy to get them for sale. The policy surrounding their sale is one of the reasons why fraudsters capitalize on the scarcity to defraud unsuspecting victims. It is necessary to run a check on the company you intend purchasing from to certify their authenticity.

Before you buy it check the product specification to be sure it corresponds to what you want. The next step would be to check for authenticity. Reading through reviews of people who have had business with them would help.

When making purchase of such substances you are not sure of from websites, try to avoid all forms of prepaid payments. Insist on pay on delivery. That is the only way you can reject substandard deliveries and go Scott-free.

Though policies differed from one country to another, there are countries that yet do not have laws restricting the products from which you can easily purchase without fears of anyone coming after you.

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