Foldable iPhone: When Will Apple Join the Trend?

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple phones have made their market among the interested consumers but still, like Samsung, back in 2019 and 2020, they have not launched any kind of foldable smartphone. Their consumers are also looking for a foldable smartphone, and it is expected that sooner they will be going to launch and join this trend.

The iPhone market and iPhone trend have become extremely versatile, but still, there is no update about the foldable smartphones and when they are going to be launched by Apple.

Rumors about foldable iPhone

There were rumours about foldable iPhones back in 2016 when some of the mobile phone companies launched foldable smartphones. In 2017 there was also a rumour when Apple indicate to work with the partnership of LG, but unfortunately, the outcome of that partnership was not resulted in any kind of foldable smartphone.

Recently, Samsung also has offered to work on foldable smartphones with Apple, but unfortunately, there is no such update about this partnership, but the rumour is still that Apple will soon be working on foldable smartphones in partnership with mobile making companies working on the foldable smartphones in 2021.

Prototypes of foldable iPhone

Back in December 2020, there was a rumour about a supply chain from an Asian company that suggested that Apple foldable iPhone and its prototypes have been passed under the test for durability, but later on, this was just a rumour, but there is no doubt about the fact that Apple is still working on foldable iPhones in order to check the prototype and the work efficiency of their models.

It was also said that they will be separate displays in foldable iPhones, which are sooner going to be launched in the market, but it is expected that these test devices under the procedure of working.

Foldable iPhone Patents

Apple iPhone patents include all kinds of things, and ultimately they never become a finished and ultimate product, so it is considered that patents aren’t that much reliable way in order to produce the development of a foldable iPhone, and that is why Apple has only limited foldable iPhone patterns.


When Will Apple Launch a Foldable iPhone?

There is no such concrete evidence about when iPhone is going to be launched in the foldable feature, but it is expected that the work procedure in making a foldable iPhone is still in progress and sooner Apple will launch a foldable iPhone mainly because of the Apple iPhone trends all across the world.

There have been rumors about Apple making foldable iPhone in the recent past which have suggested that a foldable iPhone is sooner going to be launched, and there is no doubt about the fact that in order to compete with other market competitors making foldable smartphone Apple will have to make a foldable smartphone to compete with their competitors.

Concept of foldable iPhone

Although there is no such ultimate concept available for foldable Apple iPhone but it looks like the development procedure will ultimately make a perfect mobile phone by Apple, which supports a foldable feature along with a number of other development and prototypes having two displays in one mobile phone.

Final verdict

There is strong competition among the market competitors because most of the top mobile making companies are manufacturing foldable smartphones. That is why Apple will have to follow the trend very soon to compete with their competitors.

The issues of making a foldable smartphone are still there, but to fill the market space and to be competitive among the market competitors, Apple will have to soon join the trend or foldable smartphones.

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