How Are Medical Tablets Being Used?

Tablets are now used in many industries. So the more you go out, the more you see it everywhere.

Medical sites are no exception, and the number of hospitals adopting tablets is increasing.

Nowadays, tablets are used in various scenes regardless of work or private life. Now they are part of our lives.

As a terminal that supports medical treatment

Examinations and pre-surgery explanations for patients are generally given verbally using printed materials. However, if you have a Medical grade windows tablet, it is easy to carry. You can use it anywhere including carrying it into the patient’s bedside. This is helpful because you can explain and show the screen of the electronic medical record and medical images to the patient. Using a tablet becomes easier for you to explain to the patient and by using video you can expect to improve the understanding of patients.

More efficient patient health management with electronic medical records

Traditional medical records are written in technical terms by a doctor, making them difficult to read and for the user to make mistakes. Anyone can easily read an electronic medical record, and you can retrieve only the necessary information immediately. It is very convenient because you can add the following information without any restrictions.

    • Dosing during hospitalization
    • Outpatient prescription drug
    • Health
    • Various test results

Information sharing is smooth because staff can collaborate between staff and doctors through SNS. As a result, communication mistakes can be greatly reduced.

Paperless by giving explanations such as inspections on a tablet

The usual method is to give a printed document and oral explanations before the examination and surgery. Doing these on a tablet became possible to explain with videos, and it is expected that the understanding of patients will improve.

In addition, it saves money because it is not necessary to use paper and ink, which were used in large quantities every day. This saves you money and improves the experience of the patient.

Conduct a patient questionnaire

Questionnaires at the time of admission are tough for patients who are not feeling well. If you use a tablet, you can select by touching the screen to reduce the burden of writing.

Questionnaires can be easily collected on a tablet, so you can do it without burdening your daily work.

You can choose your meal on your tablet.

If there are dietary options, the nurse will have to go around each room to receive an order. Patients can choose their menus with a tablet, and posting photos can help them choose their meals.

If you need to purchase something, you can place a delivery order to the shop. It’s also a convenient system for patients because they don’t have to call a nurse every time or wait for their family to visit.

Can provide entertainment

Waiting time for hospitalization or outpatient consultation is often boring without doing anything. Android tablet is also useful in such cases. You can do the following with your android tablet.

  • Information retrieval on the Internet
  • Read an e-book
  • Watch videos
  • Watch a movie
  • Listen to music
  • Play games

If you can do all this, you will not be bored during hospitalization or waiting for a consultation.

Explanation  time can be shortened.

Some of the explanations from doctors can be quite long and confusing. In such a case, if you explain with a tablet, you can significantly reduce the explanation time and increase the understanding part. This will also help you to deepen your understanding of the patient’s illness and health.


Face-to-face conversation between the patient and the doctor is necessary to some extent. Still, by using a tablet to shorten the explanation time, both the doctor and the patient can greatly benefit.

In addition, the paperless office makes it easier to organize information and facilitates cooperation between staff in the hospital. Tablets are becoming an indispensable item in the medical field.

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