How Can Speech Analytics Drive Efficiency within Call Centres?

Nowadays, the relevance of call centres to businesses is more striking than ever. Since physical contact is prohibited during service delivery, it is up to organisational call centres to uphold customer satisfaction as callers increase in number.

With the heightened pressure felt by agents, businesses have to implement high-quality tools to increase productivity. Awaken’s speech analytics software is a great example of an impressive tool that can analyse communication in-depth.

Speech analytics software is an innovation that can process phone calls and texts in both recorded format and real-time. It serves to identify trends and patterns in customer behaviour and to provide insights for managers. The software achieves this by programming the flagging of some predetermined phrases and words when they get written or spoken. It can be further used to decipher the level of customer satisfaction by detecting emotions in interactions.

According to research, the pandemic has severely influenced the growing use of speech analytics tools. Companies looking to offer the best service to their clients will give themselves a competitive advantage by implementing speech analytics tools.

Benefits of Incorporating Speech Analytics Tools in Call Centres

The expectations that clients have for the quality of service offered by organisations are at their peak. Modern businesses stand to gain a lot from utilizing speech analytics in their centres and here are some of those benefits;

  • Improved customer service and loyalty: Call centres take customer service very seriously.  That’s why organisations incorporate speech analytics tools to detect the customers’ emotions by creating and review transcripts from audio data in real-time and in recorded format.

Call centre agents can utilize the acquired information to gain insights into customer expectations for enhancing innovations. Some customers who may be at risk have switched to a different service provided can be retained by using speech analytics to change the approach of the agent in their regard

  • Cost-efficient innovation: This technology also saves cost in the short run by automating activities like compliance checking and call monitoring. That way, an organisation can minimize staff cost by reducing the number of staff required.  By studying the trends in customer calls, companies can innovate better call solutions and hence reduce call volumes as well as staff number.

The analytics software can assist agents with compliance and prevent incurred fines caused by non-compliance. Callbacks signify unresolved issues and they can be prevented by using the analytics tool to promote first-call resolutions.

  • Improved training process: With the happenings of the previous year, businesses have neglected employee training as customers’ satisfaction processes have become a top priority. Managers of call centres are usually too occupied to manually study and monitor every call that comes in. The software does this seamlessly by enabling managers to track calls and ensure compliance.

It gives them interesting ideas on the training process in due for underperforming agents. Managers can utilise speech and voice analytics software to detect calls that may be tricky and help agents to provide a better customer experience in such a situation.

  • Increased ROI (returns on investment): Call centres can serve as a platform for increasing ROI. Companies looking to upscale their returns can implement voice analytics for improving conversion rates by finding more selling opportunities during calls. The software can provide insight into the customer satisfaction level for specific products as well as the different reactions of separate demographics.

Even while calls are ongoing, this tool can develop up-selling programs that are suited to each customers’ needs and expectations. This is important since customers will get frustrated if they get bombarded with a sales pitch that does not apply to them. By recording the personal information of callers, voice analytics tools can help call centres monitor them for personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Improved operations: Asides from reducing average handling time and callbacks, voice and speech analytics software can boost productivity and update the organisation’s operations. They can review the skillsets of call centre employees about calls.

 Managers can rely on the resulting unbiased reports for discovering new opportunities and training needs among the employees. It helps companies to better analyse their force to pinpoint exemplary or highly effective agents that should be compensated. 


Managers of call centres can actively influence the efficiency of their operations among many other things by relying on technology like speech analytics tools. This kind of software can analyse interactions between age ts and customers to identify trends and allow for increased productivity. Implementing this tool provides businesses with other benefits like saving costs and increasing revenue over time by identifying upselling opportunities.

Managers can rely on it for practical reports on the interactions and their conversion rate. It studies the emotions detected over audio and text data efficiently and discovers patterns that can be useful for future reference. Finally, call centres can use this software to gain insights into customer behaviour, needs and expectations for improving operations.

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