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How Can You Boost Your Car Rental Business With The Help Of SEO?

Good cooperation between the departments of business, marketing, and information technology is required to improve online reservations from your car rental business. Preferably you can hire any reputed SEO company in Gold Coast that can help you to communicate between these sectors for perfect search engine optimization of a car rental business website. They should meet regularly and decide on how to optimize the site for better ranks.

How Can The Business Department Help In Increasing Revenue From A Car Rental Website?

Excellent and compelling content creation for the website lies in the hands of the business department. They should keep the About Us write-up constantly updated as per the latest business statistics and put proper contact information on the contacts page or homepage. The business sector also needs to look after local SEO so that they can trigger more local customers as car rental businesses are usually regional.

Try to provide a list of travel destinations with the annual festivals or events happening in these locations. Include a fun paragraph regarding the destination, including nearby fun activities, attractions, tourist spots which can help to sell the location in a friendlier way. 

Regarding airport locations, any expert SEO company in Gold Coast would ask you to provide the exact airport name, nicknames, alternative names, airport code, and proper directions so that customers can avail of your rental facilities easily. Provide clear driving directions and nearby landmarks for non-airport locations. 

Some Other Benefits Provided To The Customer Through Your Rental Car Website

Check with the map service whether your locations are appearing on them; otherwise, make sure that the location present on the map matches with the location you have written on your site. Provide an email and other contact details on a separate contact page on the website and make sure your business team monitors the email for any queries. Use either the header or the footer of a page to put in the contact information to make it evident and visible. 

A visitor should easily find out your operating hours. It is during the holidays that people mostly like to travel around, so try to incorporate those working hours also. Include a section for frequently asked questions to increase customer engagement and also clearly mention whether you support after-hour pickups and drop-offs. Try to make your visitors feel more comfortable by asking them for feedback and how to improve the services.

What Is The Role Of The Marketing Department In Car Rental SEO?

The marketing team needs to form the annual budget and divide it equally amongst Pay-per-click campaigns, Google Ads, and more. The map service provider should have your company registered as a main car rental service with proper location and contact. Even any local SEO company in the Gold Coast can help you regarding budgetary support and fund distribution.

Can The IT Department Help In Improving SEO?

The main job of the IT team is to keep a check on user experience, site speed, and responsiveness, along with drop-off rates. The phone numbers on the website should be clickable enough to place a call. The IT team should follow the SEO guide provided by Google for the latest updates. Ensure that all the addresses and emails are clickable to redirect the user to map providers and Gmail, respectively. There might be broken images or links, so you need to scan the site at regular intervals.


We have tried to provide some points which you need to keep in mind during the optimization of your car rental business website. All three departments of technology, marketing, and business need to work together for you to get a properly optimized site and generate revenue out of it.

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