How CBD Vape Cartridges Can Help Post-Workout

Working out is one of the best ways to stay fit and live a healthy life. Other than shedding excess fat that can cause other health problems, such as difficulty in breathing, low stamina, and joint pain, working out makes your heart pump more blood (check it out here), thus making sure your whole body is supplied with oxygen. This is important because cells need blood to function correctly, and it helps you avoid heart attacks, diabetes, and stroke.

However, we can always expect workouts to be pleasant. Most beginners tend to experience soreness all over the body, which hinders them from working out more the next day. First of all, you need to know it is perfectly normal to feel sore the next day of a workout. It means your muscles, which have grown used to being dormant, have been used and stretched. This is a healthy sign that you’re building muscles and shedding excess fat.

But Why Do Our Muscles Feel Sore After Work-Out? 

According to medical professionals and experts, the soreness we feel after working out (the first time) can be accounted for by small tears in our muscle fibers—this isn’t something to be worried about unless you vigorously exercised without adequately warming up. The soreness can last 24-48 hours maximum, and anything lasting a week can warrant a trip to your physician. If painkillers work, but the pain rebounds a few hours after, make sure to call up your doctor.

In normal circumstances, those tears in your muscle fibers will build back stronger. This is a process of building muscle, according to experts. Soreness can be part of your exercise, but excessive and severely painful body aches can hinder your workout progress. This is why it’s imperative to consider taking the painkiller naturally, like CBD vape, oils, or pre-rolls before and after a workout. This can help cushion and mitigate the pain. You may find the best CBD oils discounted on

The severity of pain can differ on many elements before and during a workout. It can depend on how hydrated you are and how used your muscles are to stretching. Sometimes, it has something to do with genetics, and some even account for their soreness to hormones. As someone who is about to start or is already beginning their workout regime, you have the responsibility to make sure your body isn’t experiencing extreme stress. 

How Does CBD Work With Muscle Soreness

To understand how Cannabidiol works in our body, we first need to familiarize ourselves with our compound. Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid, meaning it is a compound that is part of a group found in cannabis plants. Its famous sister compound is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which resides in great numbers inside the biological framework of marijuana. This cannabinoid-cannabis pair has been deemed illegal in most states by the FDA.

Cannabidiol is known less than its sister compound, but its substantial amount of followers and users is nothing to scoff at. The reason for this is its given benefits without causing any drastic side-effects. At the same time, marijuana may also have health benefits. Most of its users tend to get high, as it has psychoactive properties. Cannabidiol does not have this effect and boasts even counter dependency and addiction to substances in one study.

However, we will be focusing on how it affects our muscles after a workout. Cannabidiol binds itself to receptors found in our peripheral system, called the CB2 receptors. Its counterpart, CB1 receptors, also play a role in this situation. However, cannabinoids bind themselves to the system closest to the site of injury. It makes sure to unleash its effect on the inflaming muscle, use anti-inflammatory properties, and makes sure WBC and Cytokines stay far away from it.

Cytokines are proteins that regulate the inflammatory response. However, these proteins (link:,_Inflammation,_and_Pain.4.aspx) separate into two types and have polar opposite effects. Some cytokines escalate the inflammation, and there are cytokines that suppress it. This is the reason why Cannabidiol prevents the protein from latching onto the site of injury. 

CBD also works with the nervous system through the perception of pain. The parietal lobe is in charge of processing what we feel during an injury, and CBD works by intercepting the pain relayed from the site to the brain. This, in a way, masks and numbs the pain, but it is beneficial in mitigating severe pain and lessening psychology and physiologic stress on the person. 

Things You Can Do To Lessen Muscle Soreness

1. Move Regardless Of The Sore Muscles

After a workout, it’s natural to take a rest and gather enough energy to do it again the next day. However, experts believe skipping your workout regimen after a particularly intense workout is a no-no. They suggest doing light movement if the sore is too much, but mobility should never be absent. This is due to the blood flow that our cells and tissues need that can only be regulated through movement and exercise. This also helps in lessening the aches, ironically!

2. Keep Being Well-Hydrated

Many studies have correlated dehydration with muscle soreness, and some even found the causes of some cramps during exercise, swimming, or even just lounging stems from long-term dehydration. On top of that, depriving yourself of water can also damage your internal organs, like your kidneys. Water flushes out bacteria and other harmful agents through our urine, and it is also metabolized to maintain normal blood pressure and prevent hypervolemia.

3. Heat Or Cold

Both a hot and a cold compress can be a benefit for a sore muscle. Make sure to do both and observe which one gives the most relief to your aching body.

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