How Diesel Generator Works and Its Basic Principle

If you want to know about diesel generator’s basic principle and advantages, you must know about what is diesel generator. Basically a diesel generator is a combination of two parts which is diesel engine and generator.  Buy silent generator from

Diesel engine creates rotary motion by burning fuel. In that time, engine produces mechanical energy which is rotation as output. This output is used as input in alternator which is generator and produce electricity.

Thus we can say that, diesel generator produces electricity by burning diesel fuel. But it produces fuel by maintaining a basic principle and it has many advantages. If you want to know it, you have to read the full article. Here others topic

Basic Principle of Diesel Generator

Diesel engine and generator are coupling in a container. But there are a lot more components in a diesel generator. Those are engine, alternator, voltage regulator, fuel system, cooling and exhaust system, lubrication system, battery charger, control panel, and frame. All of these components take parts to produce electricity.

However, the crucial three parts of the diesel generator is diesel engine, generator and control panel. Let simplify the working principle of the generator. The basic working principle is, the air is compressed due to rotary motion in the cylinder and that’s why temperature rises in a short moment.

Then the diesel engine sprayed the fuel into the cylinder in order to burns, produce high temperature and high pressure gas. The piston is connected to the crankshaft and it was forced by the fuel gas expansion. That heat energy than converted into mechanical energy in alternator and alternator produces electrical energy.

Diesel engine maintains a working cycle to produce mechanical energy which is intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust.

Combustion engine is connected with the electric motors. So, after starting the IC engines, electric motor starts to spin and thus produce electricity. That’s how a diesel engine works and its basic principle.

How to Check Diesel Generator If It’s Working Good or Not

You have to check some common symptoms so that you can justify if the generator set runs well. Those are,

Noise: check out the noise and vibration of the generator if it’s being normal or weird.

Oil pressure: another important criterion is checking the oil pressure. If oil pressure is within range, then the diesel generator is ok.

Temperature: you should check the temperature of every component like bearing, lubricating oil, cooling water etc. Its help you to identify if the generator is working well.

Make sure that oil pressure is not below average. Because it’s a red alert to repair the generator. Moreover water cooling level and fuel tank level also has to be within the range. If not’s, it’s high time to check out through repairman.

So, this is all about the basic working principles of diesel generator, how its work, and how to identify if the generator needs to check by the technician. We hope, this article will provide important resource to you that you need know about diesel generator.

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