How drafting services are useful for architects

Do you want to start building your dream home? Or would you like to renovate your house until it is completely your style? Then an architect will most likely be involved for the drafting services. Most people know broadly what an architect does, but it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint exactly what tasks an architect takes on. In this article you can read what an architect is, what an architect does, the costs and the differences between different types of architects.

What the architect does is ensure that you have a new house built successfully or that your renovation works out exactly the way you want it.

What does an architect do?

What an architect does is design houses and other buildings and visualize them in design and construction drawings. In addition to houses, the architect also designs renovations that you want to have your existing house done and gives advice on the layout thereof. He then supervises the technical and administrative process of the renovation. There are also specializations within craftsmanship, for example an interior consultant, an interior designer, etc. An architect focuses on one specialization or immerses himself in several specialties.

What an architect do in the process

Many different phases are involved in the design of a house or extension. To get a better picture of what an architect really does for you, the process is listed below.

Sketch design

You sit down to discuss your wishes and options and discuss options. Based on this, the architect provides drawing services and makes the first sketch.


This is the first detailed sketch. Often this has already been visualized in 3D. You indicate what you are satisfied with and what you are not satisfied with.

Final design

This is the modified version of the preliminary draft; the final design. You must submit this to the municipality, so that they can test it against the zoning plan and submit it to the aesthetics committee. They determine whether the appearance of the building fits into the plan of the municipality.

Technical design

This is the technically elaborated version of the final design. It contains various decisions about: the material encounters, foundation drawing, sewerage course, the beam plan and a detailed drawing. Based on this, the architect calculates the energy efficiency.

License application

You need an environmental permit to start building. For this you must submit the technical design to the municipality. The municipality is testing this design, which exactly differs per municipality.


This is administrative and legal and forms the basis for the contract with the contractor. An alternative to this is adding finishing specifications (the finishes of walls, floors and ceilings) to your technical design.

The working drawings

The architect, contractor and other consultants come together to conclude a work agreement. Installation facilities and manufacturer information are included in the working drawing.

The execution

What an architect often does during the implementation is to provide construction supervision in the construction process to assist you.

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