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How Google AdWords Can Help Your Business

Google Adwords is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools at a business’ disposal. It has very strong methodologies to target customers in very specific ways; it assists in placing your ads in front of the right people at the right time, and in doing so attempts to use its artificial intelligence to get you and your business the highest conversions possible.

One of the main issues with trying to do digital marketing is that it can be difficult to know where to begin. The problems you will face will be trying to be more visible on Google and trying to get to the top of the search engine results page, or SERP. This endeavour to get to the top can be easily achieved with Google Ads however. With Google Ads, you can leapfrog traditional methods like SEO, and rise up the ranks with a paid advertisement linking to a landing page on your website. This ad is a great way to drive brand awareness and increases exposure.

Let’s take out all the goals, all the algorithm tricks, any of the confusing jargon that you may find on any page and get one thing very clear. From the simple act of starting an ads campaign, you will gain access to the massive reach that Google has to offer your business. Now, Google is a company so big, that its name is synonymous with getting answers. “Google it” is a common phrase nowadays. The importance of getting yourself visible on a platform that achieves literally trillions of searches a year is not only important for conversions, but it’s important that people are given the opportunity to see your website, and get an idea about your business. Whether you’re new to a neighbourhood, or have been in business for a decade, being easy to find online is going to be one of the most important requirements for a business in 2021. Get your brand out there by developing a great website that is clear and informative, and backing it up with some great digital marketing.

Google AdWords can not only assist in getting your business some early exposure, it also allows you to tap into some of the newest developments happening at the moment in technology. For instance, one thing that has been on the rise is mobile usage and searching through mobile. So, the really great benefit of Google ads is that it is not just for a search result on desktop. You can specifically target mobile users. Now this technique is definitely something worthwhile nowadays as a huge number of people are shifting away from searching on desktops to searching on their phones. The majority of people nowadays search for businesses and do most Googling on their phones. It is always worthwhile to target these users as the technique can pick up people who might be visiting your location, or have searched for related field on their phones prior. Finally, a good note is that considering the data highlighting more people search on their phones, Google’s algorithm does favour mobile users in search campaigns more so in comparison to desktop users. This is their mobile-first algorithm.

Now, one of the most beneficial aspects of Google ads too, is that it assists you in finding out how your business is growing through numbers. The versatile and incredibly helpful useability of Google Analytics is going to knock your socks off. It shows you so many different collections of data that lead you to draw supported conclusions to assist in business decisions surrounding things like if you should continue a marketing campaign, if you should extend a sale or a voucher, if you should continue selling a certain product. You can use these analytics in a number of ways to inform any changes you might have to your campaign. You can play with your campaign, by running multiple ads that are identical but go to different pages. This technique is known as split testing. This advantage allows you to turn off the ads that are less effective and allow you to continue optimising month on month. Meaning if you have a slow month, you can build. If you have a good month, it shows you how you can replicate that. It’s always going to be an ongoing situation, but the best thing about google ads, is that these results will help you get great return on investment (ROI), and great results in general.

Last but not least, let’s talk about how Google Ads helps the hip pocket and gets you noticed early on. So, money is important to balance when running a business, and establishing that budget for your marketing campaign is a must. However, Google ads allow you to set a low amount if you need to focus on other costs first. You can run a decent campaign on a modest budget if you wish. The one thing to remember though is that the more you spend, generally the better the results. But here is the kicker, by combining a strong campaign, with a well targeted audience, your budget can remain at the same position, you can paly with budget too. You can go up and down in price to test how effective certain areas are. What Castle Jackson recommends is seeking out a professional Google Ads agency to assist in this process, as their expertise will help with not only spending money more effectively, but freeing you up to focus on keeping the business’ other important aspect running proficiently. Just be sure to set time aside to really get that campaign set up well to begin with and have monthly check-ins to see how you can improve your campaign, or fine tune any aspects of change that may occur due to changes in the business.

Overall Google Ads is such an important tool developed by the most powerful search engine company in the world. Over 90% of people on the internet are using Google to search their queries every day, and you’d be crazy not to attempt to be on that platform for your business. If you have any further questions about Google Ads, see some of our other articles, or send us an email to see how Castle Jackson can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

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