How Much Does TBC Boost Cost?

After the Burning Crusade premiere in 2007, a lot changed for WoW players. The respective classes like Shaman, Paladin could be played as Draenei shaman within Alliance and Blood Elf paladin from that point on. This first expansion set for the World of Warcraft is still respected by fans and believed to be one of the best addons in the history of the game. But now, it’s official: WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic (available 1st of June) will soon cost more. At least when it comes to boosting or copying a character.

What We Know So Far

Some information about TBC Classic was already given directly at the annual BlizzCon gaming convention this year. According to it, the transition between the Classic era set and the new Classic Burning Crusade boosting should begin soon. 

TBC Boost

Players have to decide individually for each of their characters whether they want to carry with them into the future of the new game or choose the “eternal” Classic realm. 

To make the decision easier, Blizzard Company is offering two new, low-cost services: a character boost and its copy. The launch of two services is available as a campaign of the new game, and it undergoes now. No additional fee to play within the TBC server. Besides buying a character clone or the 58-leveling boost (about it further in this article), there is also a special in-game cosmetic package obtainable. 

Leveling Up

Together with the new game, Blizzard Company is presenting a character-boost procedure to ensure that players can get straight into the playground of Outland rather than having to fight their way through the Classic passed worlds again.  After the boost, the character is on the 58th level; it has the normal riding ability and some blue items matching the level. 

According to the FAQ on the WoW website, there is a way to level up the Blood Elf race and Draenei faction characters to level 60 without any restrictions.


For the boost-process not to cause major problems:

  • Character leveling up is only offered on Burning Crusade servers 
  • Boosting is not obtainable for Classic-era realms
  • The boost with the “Dark Portal Pass” price to buy at $39.99
  • Only one boost at Epiccarry per account is possible 
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