How Technology Has Helped During This Covid 19 Era 

Corona Virus hit the world in almost every nation affecting businesses, health and education as well as many other factors. As the disease is spreading through the air droplets, there was need to ensure social distancing and regular sanitization among other preventive measures. There was also need to do contact tracing to ensure those infected don’t continue spreading the virus to the people who are not infected. Technology has helped in contact tracing and besides that, there are other ways technology has also helped people. Facedrive for example has been using technology to combat the spread of Covid 19. 

Education Has Been Offered Online 

Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of schools have been offering lessons online. This has made many students to learn without being at risk of getting the virus. Teachers have been able to offer teachings at the comfort of their own home. Through the online classes, people have eliminated travelling, shaking of hands and crowding in class all of which are ways to mitigate the spread of the covid 19 pandemic. Technology has really sustained the education sector because even graduation ceremonies have been done online. 

Ordering of Products Online 

When it comes to online services, people no longer needed to go restaurants. Food service companies used to allow people to order food from their website then they would deliver those foods at door step. That is all about technology. Even products like T-shirts, phones and shoes are also ordered from online stores because no one wants to be exposed to the virus at all cost. With such online services, people have been able to enjoy maximum safety since they get all they want without the need to go to the streets where the risk of infection is high.

Interviews and Consolations Done Online

Almost all the government services were being offered online. Unlike before when people used to que waiting for to be served in banks and other institutions, nowadays you do everything online. You send your job applications online, interviews done online and even working, you can work from home. That is all the effect of technology. Doctors have transferred their consolation meetings with patients to online platforms making the spread of covid 19 to be very rare. Technology has also enabled lawyers to handle some of their cases online because they don’t want clients to be at risk of contracting the covid 19 infection. Non Profit LMS is an online platforms where you can learn about any device. 


Covid 19 is a serious condition and many people have succumbed to it. Following that, it has been the goal of everyone to keep safe while at the same time continuing with day to day activities. Technology has really helped because many people have been able to continue with their struggles without having to go to the streets. Even in contact tracing, technology has been used to track those who are infected and quarantine them to avoid the spread of the virus more and more. As the virus is spreading people have found a way to ensure they reduce infections by sanitizing, distancing from one another and wearing masks. 

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