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How to Become an Interior Designer After High School

Many people have misconceptions about interior designers. They often think interior design is just a hobby or something that anyone can do. Interior design is actually an incredibly complex and challenging career, with many skills required to succeed in the field. With this article, we will go over some steps to take in order to reach your goal of becoming interior designer after high school.

Start Studying!

The first thing you should do is to choose a school or course. You can start with some courses. There even are a lot of free courses on the web. Home Design Institute (homedesigninstitute.com) offers one-month real-time training with live lecturer entirely for free. The Interior Design online course introduces you the most important topics in the field of interior design and give you a good starting point for your future studies. You will be trained by some of the best instructors with a strong international industry experience. A free course like this can help you answering the following questions: What type of interior designers do I want to be? Where would I like to work – at my home country or abroad? Then you can continue with deeper professional training. Always search for opportunity to educate yourself, nevertheless how experienced you are.

Find your Professional Niche

Before starting practice as an interior designer, you should find your own professional niche. For example, a residential interior designer may have a completely different set of responsibilities than an interior designer who specializes in commercial spaces. The residence interior designers are focused on making homes and apartments functional, livable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to those living there. Commercial interior designers often spend their time planning out retail stores or office buildings from floor plans down all the way to the placement of furniture within each area so that they function properly with efficiency in mind along with aesthetics and energy use like residential interior designers do. Regardless of what type of space you are interior designing, creativity is necessary as interior designers are constantly trying to come up with new ways for people to live and work in.

Freelance Opportunities

For interior designers, freelance work can be a great way to make money. For some interior designers, freelance work is their main source of income. What are the benefits of being a freelancer? Freelancers have more control over their time and can choose when to work. They also get to take on jobs they would not be able to do if employed by someone else. This means that freelancers often have access to better projects than those who are working for an employer. Freelancing as an interior designer offers flexibility and the opportunity for more financial success than being employed by someone else.

Job Opportunities

Interior designing jobs often depend on the type of company you work for as well as what your specialty is. Interior designers are responsible for sketching designs for different types of rooms from home offices to fitness centers. Interior designers also need an artistic eye, so interior design is not for everyone. It’s a rewarding career field that has many different opportunities worldwide.

Find Your Style!

Do not forget that interior design is a creative and artistic field. For interior designers, self-expression is the driving force behind their work. In addition, they have to know how to translate their client’s needs into a design that matches those wants and desires for themselves. It takes a lot of creativity, as well as technical skills in order to become an interior designer.

Get to Work! 

It is incredibly important that you take on as many projects and tasks as possible in order to gain the experience and reputation necessary to make your dreams of being an interior designer come true. What you should take care of is to gain as much more experience as possible in order to build up your own style and to demonstrated yourself by creating a full of completed projects portfolio.

In conclusion, if you have a big interest in interior design, it is possible to make your dream come true. Be sure to take the necessary steps and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly.

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