How to find the most profitable casino affiliate programs

In the gambling industry, earning opportunities are not limited solely to spins or card games. You can also increase your income by registering in an affiliate program and attracting traffic to the sites of casinos. Affiliate marketing has the highest profitability to promote your online business. With its help, sellers of goods and service providers attract users to their sites, increase the popularity of their own resources and increase the number of customers.

In the gambling field, when using affiliate marketing, the casino acts as an advertiser. It provides affiliates with promotional resources and special links. Partners place them on various platforms — their own social networks, sites, blogs, etc. They receive monetary rewards for attracting gamblers to the casino’s site. Moreover, payments are made on condition that the client has achieved the certain rules on the gaming platform, for example, registered at a casino’s office, replenished a deposit, etc.

What are the best affiliate programmes

An affiliate program is a form of business collaboration between an advertiser and affiliates. Websites that own such programs can independently engage marketers for cooperation and maintain direct contacts with them. There are many really best casino affiliate programs of India in 2021 that you can choose from:

  •       The Melbet program works according to the Rev-Share model, i.e. the company pays the partner a percentage of the profit that it received thanks to the game of the attracted bettors. Melbet promises up to 40% commission from attracted players. Melbet claims the following main benefits of its program: regular payments (every week), profitable commission, creative marketing and best support.
  •       The Pin-Up affiliate program has been operating since 2016, and over the years, the Pin-up Casino brand has become quite famous among players. Implemented an automated order for an individual promo through a personal account. The RevShare offers up to 40% of casino revenue for life, CPA up to $ 50. Referral system is up to 5%.

Registration in affiliate programs is free. It should be borne in mind that some affiliate programs have special requirements. For example, this can be a limit on the amount of traffic for thematic sites, the minimum number of subscribers, etc.

But it is worth remembering that the market is dynamic and the leadership in conversion and other indicators can change daily. There is no need to run from one casino to another in order to win a few percent of the profit. Building relationships for a long time, you will get the best conditions for your traffic from any direct advertiser of the casino affiliate program.

Advantages of affiliate programs

Both Casino owners and affiliates benefit from the promotion of casino sites with the help of affiliate programs. Thanks to the launch of their own affiliate program, casinos receive the following benefits:

  •       the customer base is expanding;
  •       the profit of the casino increases;
  •       funds are effectively spent;
  •       the popularity of the brand is increasing.

The affiliate program provides the webmaster with detailed information on the traffic received, the number of deposits, cashouts, and based on these data, calculates the amount of earnings for the affiliate. And affiliates who participate in affiliate programs receive the following benefits:

  •       high profit;
  •       passive income;
  •       the ability to independently plan a work schedule.

To work as an affiliate, you only need a computer and access to the internet. Further, the partner independently decides in which location and when it is most convenient for him to work. If you properly organize the work to promote gambling sites, then in the end you can significantly increase your capital. Visit for casino related news.

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